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Давайте общаться на английском. Это так развлекает!

Тамара Лоцман
Для начала обсудим тему для разговора. Все сообщения в теме должны быть только на английском языке!!!
Ok! Let's discuss the theme for communication. All messages must be written only in English!!!
Alexander Muravya
If you wanna talk in English why your message was in Russian?
Evgenia Sudakova
Alexandr, you are right!))) but lets change topic ;)))
Maxim Yakupov
Where is fun???
Vladimir Speransky
She has integrated one.
Ekaterina Antonova
hi everybody! so, what is that all about?
Maria Prokhozheva
Pacman Жалялов: Hello=)in Saratov very hot..
Azia Imanbaeva
hi everybody;)
sorry for some mistakes cause I just study.Correst me please.
Can you help me?My problem is that I understand in English easily,but I can't to talk to somebody.I have no practice.
Vladimir Speransky
Ripley, that's all about everything you want. Just talking, I guess.
Ekaterina Antonova
ok, are you suffering from smog and heat? what is there on your face, huh?
Vladimir Speransky
Nope, I live in SPb) There is no smog and it's not so hot here)
Just anonymous type.
Anya Sapriko
I'll live in Odessa!!! It's toooooo hot this time...
Vladimir Speransky
Excuse me, you will live?) Or why "I'll"?
Anya Sapriko
Oyyyy.... I live!))) every day))))))))))
Anya Sapriko
my fault)) Heat is guilty)
Vladimir Speransky
Lilia Ermak
Азия, you can use those words which you know... Don't translate your thoughts ! So learn more new words!!! )))))))
Ulyana Golovkina
I'm so glad to find this group!!!

I'm from Cherepovets, and the heat is awful here(((
And there is no hint of rain...
Dias Mukhametzyanov
Maybe if someone wants to talk to in English with me, then he can write to me :). I'm very fun and interesting company. I will be very glad if somebody writes to me :)
Ulyana Golovkina
i would like to write to you in order to improove my language, but my husband is very-very jelous(( He don't know English at all and would surely think that you're my lover )) Sounds funny, yeah?
Alexey Zhakov
but in practic this is 100% true!))
i know this situation!
Ulyana Golovkina
Really? Did it happen with you?
Alyona Kalmykova
I like it.^_^
Sasha Nikolaev
You're fuckers.
Ulyana Golovkina
It's rude of you!
Kristina Sidorova
hey everybody!
its good for us, when we practise our English in that way.
I hope, that this topic will be develop and our language will be fluent.
Vladimir Speransky
n ur gay
Vladimir Speransky
But I think it won't be (about development)
Kristina Sidorova
Maria Aleskerova
Chrisitina, I would advise you to watch movies with english subtitles and listen songs. I think it is one of the most effective ways to develop your knowledge.))
Vladimir, I am sorry for asking are you connectd somehow to famous reformer of XIX century?
Robert Tebiev
Manya, i tried to watch movies in English, but it's difcult 2 understand(( My level is Intermediate. Is it ok?
Robert Tebiev
Live chatting between u and somebody is quite easier than listening what people in movies say.
Maria Aleskerova
Use english subtitles, it would really help.
Of course, talking to someon is of great help, but only if he has good knowledge.
When I studied in school, our teacher spoke wth us only in english from the very beginning. And it helped a lot. But if you really want to know the language, then try t use all the ways, which can help.))
Vladimir Speransky
Nope, I don't think that Mikhail Speransky is my relative)
Artur Venidiktov
I'm agree with Manechka. If you really want to learn something well, any way is good. Read, write, talk in English.
Personaly, that's my order of learning English for a day: I begin my day with one film or part of serial in English without subtitles, then I download English subtitles and look into them (read, translate). After that, I watch the same film again and try to understand every word. After some rest, I read one or two hard English text to warm my tongue up. Then I learn one English song by heart, translate it. In evening I talk with somebody in English and try to use new knowledge and write a text about passed day. It's something like diary.
I have already been doing it for a mounth and have exelent results. Tens of new words everyday, some new expressions and the rest knowledge.
Maria Aleskerova
Vladimir, that's alright.) But it is always interesting to study your family tree.))
Arthur, do you do it everyday? Do you have time to do something, besides engish? I like it too, but it looks like too much.) No offends, ok?
But all in all it is really good way.
I advise you not to learn songs, but listen to it and only then read couple of times. And then listen again.
Listening will give you skills, so that you will understand quick english speech easily.
Vladimir Speransky
Ekaterina Antonova
People! all that you are doing to improve your English is super! I wish I had such students as you are))) Ooops, sorry I have some like you)))
Wish to study, hard work and patience - these are the main components of an ideal student, no matter what subject he or she studies.
Go on the same way, guys!
Maria Aleskerova
Thank you.)
Kristina Sidorova
Artur, its great work!;)
also, guys, there is one website,which help to practise u language by talking with native speakers
and one interesting website
Dmitry Baranov
guys i advise all of ye to watch more films in original...better those shot in England, starring UK actors....like "Snatch", "Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels", "Rock'n'rolla" there you may find typical British working class accent..though many todays Londoners use da same one..
i've spent 2 years living with my uncle in the UK....but i've spent almost 9 years of my life mastering my skills on my own and living in ma home country, Ukraine....yes, i've worked out typical accent, and i can produce either American or British accent...

one more tip: try to locate any guys from Peace Corps. in your city...these guys can be found ( i assume) almost in any town, they can give you a good speaking practice.

cheers! Good luck in all of ye findings and tries

if you have any questions, you're always welcome to ask=)
Ulyana Golovkina
What is "Peace Corps"?
Alexandra Toporskaya
hi everybody)
Dmitry Baranov
Dear Ulyana, Peace Corps is an international organization that is directed straightly by The US Department Of State....say, have you seen young guys in your city wearing black classical trousers and white shirts with badges?? there are so many of 'em even in Lugansk...
when i was a student, i used to meet these guys in Kiev...they organized special classes for those who want practice..
THOUGH! Attention! These guys will also tell you much about their faith and bla-bla-bla...Don't listen to Catholicism and other crap they gonna tell ye, just ask if they could help ya out with ur English
Ulyana Golovkina
I'm from Cherepovets)
I've never met such guys((
In September I'm doing to visit English classes, hope to practise there.
Kristina Sidorova
Ohh, i never met guys of Peace Corps too
Dmitry Baranov
Surely, Ulyana, if you're so interested we could have some practice here, but you should keep in mind, that learning a language is like molding a clay plate...if you're persistent, you'll create a good one.
Ulyana Golovkina
Thanks! I try)
The phrase "if you're so interested we could have some practice here" means that you personly connected with this "Peace Corps"?
Dmitry Baranov
no, i'm just eager to share my knowledge....=) i have many acquaintances from Peace Corps..may be in Russia they aren't so widespread as in other countries including Ukraine.
Anyway, i'm now in Ukraine, having a rest with my family so it means i have a lot of free time...feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Just at the beginning of September, i'm back to Germany where i continue my studies, though i'll be coming back to Ukraine 4 times a year to take up a session for my distance study in one of Kiev universities...
Spartak Klinsky
Hi everybody:-) let's communicate
Robert Tebiev
Hey Alex! whats up?)
Dmitry Ivanchenko
Que onda guey?
Elena Korzenikova
I'm very fond of English, but unfortunately almost haven't possibilities to chat. I speak English only when I'm at school... it's not enough(
Anton Ilyaschenko
london is the capital of GB))
Lilia Fayzullina
Good evening everyone! I've just joined this group and it's all interested for me. I work as a teacher of English in secondary near Kazan. It's so stuffy at night and nobody sleeps.
Sasha Nikolaev
London is the capital of KGB
Sasha Nikolaev
Dear Liliya,what if you students find you here and suddenly realize that their english is way better than yours? Will you cry?
Ulyana Raspopova
Hey=) i m from cherep too=)
Ulyana Raspopova
Oh. Have you ever met americans? I met=) i was talking with them for three weeks))
Ulyana Golovkina
and you are my namesake also!!nice to see you here!!
Margarita Smolyakova
goodeverning еverybody!)
Ulyana Raspopova
ae) nice to see u too=)
Ilya Metelyov
Аренда квартир и комнат в Санкт-Петербурге без посредников и без комиссионных.
Elena Khalmuratova
Elena Musienko
Andrey Fazlyev
S..I..D 686
So..What are you talking about?
Andrey Fazlyev
Maybe we will choose a theme for our discussion ? Or we will have an empty idiotic flood topic with no reason.

Let's talk about....
Maxim Mikheev
I'm Maxim, i live in Tyumen. I'm sorry for my mistakes, my english is very terrible!
Maxim Mikheev
We can talk about the weather in Moscow! :D
Maxim Mikheev
Is there anybody here who want to pas the CPE exam.
Erik Kolesnikov
I'm wow player
Susanna Gyulumyan
Sofia Mannapova
у тебя вообще ноль :D
Sofia Mannapova
Прими мои поздравления)))))))
Vikulya Talalaeva
Hi!So,about what will we talk?
Richard Wagner
we talk about nothing))))
Dmitry Baranov
as usual, actually
Leila Dakhkilgova
guys, let's talk the deal))) why do you like english(I guess you do if you're here)?
Andrey Fazlyev
Leila, I cant live without :) I read news daily, I speak english with my colleagues from other countries on my work, I like films with original sound )
Vyacheslav Khmelkov
Yeah, it is very interesting and useful for everybody to watch american and english films without translation!!
Alexander Muravya
I'm going to find 4th season of "IT Crowd" in English. It's great idea to watch movies in native language.
Vyacheslav Khmelkov
I download a film from Internet and watch it without translation, it's difficult for me but with each time it is better and better....
Yulka Lapska
I want to see my favorite movie "Lie to me" in English but my English is so bad =(
Mikhail Bulgakov
And I want to see my favorite movie"Step up 3" on English but my English is very very ... bad=(Help me in my English.I want to know English is very good or good))
Yulka Lapska
Oh, Misha, your surname is very famous! Are you a relative of great Russion writer ? :)

sorry for my mistakes in messeng )
Mikhail Bulgakov
Thank you)I know, my surname very famous and interesting but I'm not relative of great Russian and Ukranian writer.
Leila Dakhkilgova
well, you the best thing is communication in english)))) watching films is great, with dubbed version you can not fully appreciate the best of it)))so, people watch films only in original sound))by the way what are your favourite ones? (my own list of the best films you can find on my page, I appreciate your opinion)))))))))
Andrey Fazlyev
Leila, your account is closed, you know? So, no film list to see )
Four my favorite movies are "Match Point", "Blow", "Shutter Island", "Bad Santa"
Andrey Fazlyev
Thank's for the film list, I've seen nearly 95 % of this, cool movies.
Do you remember pre-final scene, with a nocturn #2 op 9 of Frederic Choppin ? Probably it's the best scene in whole movie.
Yulka Lapska
I like Russian film ... I think, "Brat" and ''Brat-2' is very good films.
I like some foreign serial as ''House M.D." and "Lie to me" too.

And of course I like cartoons ... =)
Andrey Fazlyev
I like all films made by Balabnov, it's a great man, who understand Russia with her past, present and future, and he successefully show it in his movies
Yulka Lapska
I'm agree with you. ))
Leila Dakhkilgova
you know, unfortunatelly I haven't seen all of his movies, except for Brat and Jmurki, I liked them)))))as for Bad Santa - I guess so))))))))
Mikhail Bulgakov
So funny)))
Evgenia Smirnova
Hello! I join to your discussion. I like films made by Christofer Nolan, especially film "The Prestige", also Tim Burton's films. It is wonderful! ))) What do you think about it?
Leila Dakhkilgova
Tim Burton's great, along with his favourite actor Jonny Depp))))))) I like Insomnia by Nolan, but I haven't seen the Inception yet, what about you?))
Andrey Fazlyev
Hah, I also haven't seen Inception yet :) Unfortunately I've no freetime.
Burton's movies are very atmospherical, remember "Alice in Wonderland" ?
Vladislav Alexeenko
Hello anybody!
Evgenia Smirnova
Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the cinema, but I will buy or download the Inception! This film is the 2nd in top-list 250 on the site kinopoisk.ru !!! Many good responses ! I think it is excellent !!
Evgenia Smirnova
Andru, I like film "Sleepy Hollow" by Tim Burton very much!!! I have seen this film many times! But "Alice in Wonderland" hasn't made special impression on me(((
Aydyn Damdyn-Ool
Where is my text!!!
Leila Dakhkilgova
Alice in Wonderland is cute))) I didn't know about the 2 place,that's interesting))) but it won't win the Shawshank Redemption))))
Evgenia Smirnova
Yes, I agree!!! Shawshank Redemption is nice film, one of my favourite films also.
Aydyn Damdyn-Ool
Hi everybody!!!I like english fils too, but my english is bad? I'm studing english first year, but I will be a chemist, Earlier in school Studied germany.My advice you are studing english,becouse it is easy and interesting than germany or other Language!!!So sorry if in my text there are mistakes:-)
Leila Dakhkilgova
Yep)))I like Tim Robbins,have you see very nice comedy Nothing to loose?)))it's just wonderful))
Evgenia Smirnova
And what do you think about "The Illusionist"? - I like it ))) This film is very similar to the Prestige, but the last has seemed to me more interesting!
Evgenia Smirnova
"Nothing to loose" - I haven't seen, unfortunately..(((
Leila Dakhkilgova
Illusionist is cool,I like Edward Norton there))but I haven't seen the Prestige yet((I will,I promis))
Timur Abakarov
Im ne huya understand what are you say))))
Ulyana Golovkina
Sleepy Hollow is the best film!!!! But the book is greater)
Alexander Yudin
Evgenia Smirnova
I didn't read the book, but film is nice! ))) So, I agree, usually it is more interesting to read book, because in the book it is written in more detail and colourfully, and of course, here plays own imagination!! ))))
Ulyana Golovkina
It's interesting, that the plot in the book differs from that in the film!
Evgenia Smirnova
Sometimes directors of films cut out some moments, which are written in the book! (((
Dmitry Semyonov
Hi... I need some help! :) What is the difference between "anyway" and "at least" or are these words synonyms??? Thanks a lot!
Ulyana Golovkina
anyway - в любом случае
at least - в конце концов)
Mikhail Bulgakov
Help me.What translation?"Oh my gosh"
Evgenia Smirnova
May be "Oh my god" ?
а вообще "gosh" - "черт возьми" если не ошибаюсь
Mikhail Bulgakov
Просто так в песне поется Usher-Oh my gosh.Но "черт возьми" ни в какие рамки не влезает)
Leila Dakhkilgova
Gosh is definetly the same for God
Evgenia Smirnova
Mikhail Bulgakov
Very interesting)))
Dmitry Semyonov
Hm... Lingvo translated "At least" - во всяком случае )))
Niara Burnasheva
Gosh- боже;
by gosh - черт возьми!!!!!!!
O my gosh- боже мой .I guess!!!!!!!!
Yulka Lapska
what about music ? =)
Katya Smirnova
hI!!)) i prefer different kind of music, it's depend of my mood, and what about u?)))
Vyacheslav Khmelkov
I like rock music, modern club musik, rap))
But most of all I like DJ Armin van Buuren's musik, trance!!))
Tamara Arkatova
Hi) I want to join the discussion))
My english is rather bad, but i'd like to speak it anyway))
So, we are talking about music now as i see. Well this is my favourite theme. As a melomaniac i should like different kinds of music and i actually do. My favourite groups are Splean, Morcheeba, Jamiroquai, Stereophonics, The James Taylor Quartet, Tosca Tango orchestra and so on. The list can be very long
I hope that i made less than 20 mistakes)))
Richard Wagner
hi everybody! I love music, specialy tranceand progressive!
Elena Maslina
At least-по крайней мере
Ulyana Golovkina
Тамара, your English is good, do not worry))
Larisa Bavykina
Неllo! My English isn't excellent) Really it's very bad! Could you help me? Tolk whith me)))
Yury Batischev
I can help you, but it won't be free))) You want it?
Tamara Arkatova
Thank you, Ульяна)))
Yulka Lapska
I am meloman, but most of all I like street music... =)
Yulka Lapska
ой, а вираз "most of all " хоч є такий?=) чи я сама щось придумала)
Tamara Arkatova
есть конечно такое выражение)))
Tamara Arkatova
How many gigabites of music do you have on your computers? ))))
Ilya Kotovich
Mmmmm...Nearly 5 Gb =)
Yulka Lapska
more then 15 Gb))
Ilya Kotovich
0_o Oh, my God!!!!! You are a real meloMANIAC!!!!!!
Larisa Bavykina
i know the man who have more then 200Gb of music on his cmputers))))
Tamara Arkatova
you mean my brother?))))))))))))))))))
Tamara Arkatova
i have 10 gb
Irina Kazakyavichyus
hi,everybody;D r u talking about music now?
Yevgeniya Kasso
Oh my God, I have 119 GB music...
Yury Bakur
mmm, I have 30 gb of music in my laptop
Yevgeniya Kasso
And 100 gb of movies
Yury Bakur
#151 yeah, we are speaking about music... can you propose any ineresting song?
Larisa Bavykina
#148 No) he was my boyfriend)))
Yury Bakur
#156 Probably you ex-boyfriend was listening music all time, and it's main reason, why he is ex-?
Ivan Chebotaryov
Hello everybody/I am Ivan Chebotarev i am from Russia/I live in Solnechnjgjrsk of Moscow area//I have been learning English for five years,but i can t to communicate free/ I can make mistakes and that s why help me and say if i made mistakes/ I like sing a song because i am singer/I have been singing for two years/ I to sing is professionally/
Andrey Fazlyev
And you cant enter "." instead "/", yeah?
Yury Bakur
So, the singer is really very nice, which kind of music you play?
Ivan Chebotaryov
I only sing/I can t play /I sing different music such as songs 80-х ,shanson and madern pop music/ And where you from?
Mikhail Bulgakov
Hello!I want to ask.Who knows about program "Oxford platinum"?I want to see your coments=)
Alexey Ivanov
fisrt time I've heard sound about this programm. What a hell is it stays for?
Ivan Chebotaryov
What is the programm? I am very interesting/ I
Mikhail Bulgakov
На инглише я обьяснить не могу)Там учишь различные диалоги которые показываются в виде слайдов-картинок и идет их озвучка.Еще там много различных функций.И я хотел бы спросить, может кто то занимался по ней и какой результат?
Alina Rozanova
I want to communicate in English. write me!
Yulka Lapska
I want to read English magazines... but there are many hard words for me =)

What magazines or books do you know which I can read with pleasure? =)

(My level is elementary)
Tamara Arkatova
I read harry potter in inglish, it was rather easy to understand)))
Tanya Vlasyuk
I want to read Nickolas Sparks "The notebook" in English. But now it is not easy for me. The book is very interesting.
Yulka Lapska
Thank you=)
Ivan Chebotaryov
I don t like read any books at all. I haven t time to reading.I am fond of music.I am singer.
Nikolay Viktorovich
Простите, что не в тему пишу...
А почему стену админ закрыл?!
Yakub Mamedov
fuck you bitch!
Adelya Iskhakova
Hello)I want to read something in english too, i have read some books. now i want to read something else magazines or newspapers or some interesting books.Can you advise sth?
I want to read some books from McMillan production too, but this books are expensive to buy..

Who wants to communicate in English, please write me
Musssss Musalaeva
Hello)My english cries out for a serious improvement in respect of verbal communication. But unluckily i am short of worthy conversationists. I have recently read unadapted english literature and began with Moon and sixpence by S.Maugham. Of course i read this book in russian before.And now find my reading in english notably exiting.)))Intend to make great progress in my english this year/)))
Katerina Skichko
Oh, my reading of English books transforms my brains into pudding. Perhaps I choosed too complicated things to read - Emily Bronte ''Weathering Heights'' & William Golding ''Lord of the Flies".
Could you advise me something more easy to read in English?
Veronika Pershina
I Could no, sorry..
Adelya Iskhakova
Ooh, i liked Weathering Heights)Really,very interesting..
But usually I read short versions of books, coz full versions i too complicated for me.I advise you to read short versions..I think in the biggest bookshop of your city you will find a lot of good literature, as i said there a lot of good books in a short version and a lot depends from the level of your ENg, usually there is written level on the cover of the book...
And one of the bests I liked- "Jane Eyre" bu Sharlotte Bronte;"Sense and sensibility","Pride and predjudice" by Jane Austen.
Mikhail Bulgakov
Извините что не в тему.Кто может расказать где можно применять окончание ing, в каких предложениях,случаях.Я знаю что прибавив инг получаем активное определение (reading-читающий, smoking-курящий)Заранее спасибо!)
Gulya Kulieva
Hello Михаил.Да а ещё мы употребляем глаголы с ING окончанием в настоящем продолжённом времени(Present Continiuous), когда говорим о том что происходит на данный момент, например Я сейчас смотрю телевизор - I"m watching television now и т.д.
И в прошедшем продолжённом (PastContiniuous) времени,когда мы говорим о конкретном времени в прошлом, то что происходило в прошлом,но не закончилось допустим. Когда моя мама пришла, я читала книгу. When my mother came,I was reading book.
Но не путай это время с прошедшим простым (Past Simple)В прошедшем простом законченное действие
Я прочитала книгу вчера. I read book yesterday.
надеюсь я понятно всё рассазала?:)
Adelya Iskhakova
Еще некоторые глаголы используем как существительные
Например: Reading-Чтение
Yaroslava Sokolova
Аделя ♥Amour♥ Исхакова

I also liked the Weathering Heights!)
And now I read Jane Eyre, but in Russian.
In general, I love English classics.
Did you watch a film Weathering Heights?)
Tamara Arkatova
I've seen it. Great movie!!!
I'm reading "The secre garden" now. Just like to read children's stories
Adelya Iskhakova
No. i haven`t watched it.But I think it`ll be interesting to watch!
Yaroslava Sokolova
Тамара kuzuka-puzuka Аркатова

I watched an old film Weathering Heights, but I want to watch a new film of 2009 year. I really liked the music and the main characters in the old film))
Yaroslava Sokolova
Аделя ♥Amour♥ Исхакова

Yes, you're right, this is a very interesting movie!)
Yaroslava Sokolova
What is your favorite film?)
Anna Ivanova
hello everybody ^_^

guys, how are you?
Anna Ivanova
what are you talking about?
Adelya Iskhakova
"Pride and predjudice"I liked the best.I have read it and watched the film.Jane Eyre is interesting film, too.
Adelya Iskhakova
Каролина Виньковская
Hi, we are talking about reading in English, as you can see
Yaroslava Sokolova
Каролина Виньковская

Yaroslava Sokolova
Аделя ♥Amour♥ Исхакова

Jane Eyre is it with Anne Hathaway?
Adelya Iskhakova
No,As I remember
Yaroslava Sokolova
Oh sorry. My friend told me that it is film Jane Ostin where Anne Hathaway is a main character)
Anna Ivanova
Аделя ♥Amour♥ Исхакова

Well I have not seen all the pages here! that's why I asked this question !!! ^_^
Anna Ivanova
Ярослава Соколова

hi :) hw r u ???! hw many years u speak English??
Adelya Iskhakova
I did not know that you don`t read pages !!
Usually I read!!!!
Yaroslava Sokolova
Каролина Виньковская

I'm good. I study English in school for 9 years, but at length I began to study it a year ago.
Anastasia Anisimova
Hi everybody! I'm reading Harry Potter now, in English of course..) Do you use a dictionary? For example, when i see a new word, sometimes i'm too much lazy to look in a dictionary and i try to gess what does this word mean....and you??
Yaroslava Sokolova
Стася Парубец

Hello)I know English not very well and when I see a new word, I write it in separate notebook and write its value (from the dictionary). Then I repeat the words in this notebook)
Tatyana Volkova
As Stasya, for the first time i try to understand any word without dictionary, but sometimes it necessary to look up there because some words so close to words in russian bot not have the same meaning. That's why why i prefer to use the dictionary
Anna Ivanova
Ярослава Соколова

nice :)
I study English for five years ))
Elena Fomina
Каролина Виньковская

I have been doing it for nine or ten years
Irina Kazakyavichyus
When i'm reading i often try to gess meaning of the word that i don't know yet. Because its normaly when you can't understand 30% of the text.
Saltusha A.k
I study English for five years )) - its incorrect

I have been studying English for 5 years
Aydyn Ru
Hi, all!
What you thinks about Dragunkin courses of English? Now, I'm studing Fast English for energetic lazies.
Maxim Mikheev
And what you think about Pimsler courses?
Natalya Maximova
I don't like Dragunkin courses of English...
I prefer Britain student's book.
Vladimir Kudin
And what kind books you prefer?
Elena Lapshova
New English File - the best of English book! I'm going to study Intermediate.
Askar Alimbekov
where i can fast learn Enlglish only for talking with americans?
Max Lupin
to #214 - In USA, of course :)
Veronika Gulyanovskaya
Hello. I'm learnig English, and my father is the translater, and he learn me. It's all...
Darya Kushkina
Hello))) My name is Dasha. I am learning English. I want to study English and German.
Alexander Artamonov
Hello everybody! I am a student from a small city near the coast of the Azov sea. It is Berdyansk - maybe some people even had heard about this town, especially biologists and medics - it is the place of Havkin's childhood :)))

Аскар [bariga-bantik] Алимбеков:
Why do you want to learn american dialect? It is wrong. Learn english :)))
Masha Manaenko
pffft american is just fine ;)
Roman Tkachev
How do you do?
I'm just found this group and i was impressed! It's a very good idea, i'll be a often guest here!
Have a nice day!
Vladimir Speransky
Andrey Lubentsov
He-he! Nice community! So I´ll try to take a part of your intensive communication:)
Does anybody have something against?:)
Andrey Lubentsov
Thank u, Kai / and not only for evaluation, but for links also / just have taken a look..:) seems to be a very good feature ! However I use at the moment only LEO - is also very good dictionary.. by the way don´t u know any similar add-ons for IE?
Elena Zanina
so i fell a sleep at 5 in the morning today and guess when i woke up...at 8!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAhhh my friends dog decided to lick my face because apparently i was licking my lips which lead the dog to believe that i was a awake any way worst morning ever and now im super tired and i wanna sleep but nooooo we have guests coming over so elena has to clean up the whole effing house FML :(
Ivan Yurinov
nefiga ne ponimaiy.
Andrey Lubentsov
so crazy as it! the world seems to be a little bit ill.. after 12h in the night shift work! any case u r a happiest man in the world if u know.. just 2 h more.. and then..
Vladimir Speransky
Oh, ja. I understand u man.
Alexey Yar
what a u talking about?
Vladimir Speransky
'bout shitting night shift work.
At this moment.
Andrey Lubentsov
that´s right / exactly about it:)
Makh K-B
I'm ailing. It's bad. But I have a lot of free time.
Nikita Pretser
Hello! How are you? I see you are so interested in talking! Let's talk about sports! Who thinks! Maybe even tell us what are fond of sport!
Papai Bala
Why about sports? Then let's talking bout weather, hah. No offends but I think it's so well-trodden themes for discussion.
Oksana Dubovaya
You very well speak English.
Artem Khudyakov
Пишите мне в личку, пообщаемся
Papai Bala
Only english man!!
I hate stupid guys. Are u?
Olyalyubitelnitsa-Sushi Pokushat
ребята! помогите пожаслуйста. как можнo перевести слова "уже тогда" на английский? то что нельзя сказать already then это точно, нигде не встречала к тому же..
кто-нибудь знает точно?
Natalia Golovina
Already then
Vladimir Speransky
Эйнштейн, +1.
Papai Bala
Olyalyubitelnitsa-Sushi Pokushat
"Even then".
Andrey Lubentsov
"Even then" = даже если...я думаю...f.e.

We have to run the enterprise even then it´s not profitable.
Maria Aleskerova
Не согласна. Even then - даже тогда, а even if - даже если.
Если подставить even if в ваше преложение, лучше же звучит, не находите?)
Even though также употребляется в смысле "даже если".
Svetlana Volk
Olyalyubitelnitsa-Sushi Pokusha
why don't u just say the whole sentence? it would be so much easier to help you! there is not just one way to express your thoughts.
Artem Khudyakov
Пишите мне в личку плиз, особенно девушки, особенно из Питера)
Svetlana Volk
Artem #249
A za4em nam togda 4at, esli vse mogut po li4ke obwatsya?
V 4ate rojdaetsya istina!!!
Yulya Lobanova
Олялюбительница-Суши Покушать
напиши полностью предложение, которое ты хочешь перевести
Andrey Lubentsov
Наверн о правильнее "even if", но красивее "even then".. кстати, напрямую переведенное выражение "даже тогда, когда..." тоже очень часто используется в русском...
Natalya Serebryakova
Good night everyone!
Andrey Shevtsov
Is it good?
Андрей Антонов
To Наталья Серебрякова
This night closes on us and the dream comes,
and I hope our dreams will come true too.
Good night.
Stanislav Antipin
what's uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup)))))
Svetlana Komissarova
WHAT'S UP)))))
Stanislav Antipin
Yana Konshina
Yeah,it is really funny)
Yana Konshina
what do you think of the USA?
Sergey Kutkin
Yulia Ovchinnikova
What do you want?
Stanislav Antipin
USA Fucking country!!!!!!!!!
Stanislav Antipin
Юлия Овчинникова
And you that want?
Bogdan Paschenko
It's just interesting - what y'all think about whores and sluts? She's such a dirty problem of our not perfect world or victims of destiny? Who can find the arrangement of this promlem or it's impossible?
I wait for yours thoughts.
Anie Iris
Hey folks))I'm glad to see You)) Can anyone suggest some interesting topic to talk about? e.g. smth like " freedom - what does it mean to you?" or smth else....Just to discusse & make our conversation more interesting)))))))))) See You))
Bogdan Paschenko
I have assigned the question, see above.
Anie Iris
oOPs!! I didn't notice your question. Well, I can say that evry problem has it's solution. One can do anything to get well on his own, I just can say, that it depends on a person. If he's a strong, he will survive, if not...you know...
Of coarse I think, that that solution also depends on the Governement, but first of all it depends on you. You have to make your fortune,no one else.
And what about whores...some of them like their "job", it's rather easy to earn money with this kind of job than to be a server or nurse...or ...I just don't know...
Bogdan Paschenko
It's difficult question, i know. Those hookers which have chosen this... some unusually job, knews, what they gonna do. It's so rough, but do blowjob and jump on someones dick are not harder job, for some women it's pleasing. As soon as they got working in brothels or just on the streets, for many people they lose respect. But not just for me. I've understend, they do it not only for herselves.
Anastasia Solovey
Excuse me.... i think its strange question for us...If you want it-somebody give it to you!!!! Thats all.
Bogdan Paschenko
Yup, maybe it's strange question, but I really want to know yours opinion. It's general problem, and usually people think about hoes from dark side. So- prostitution - it's bad or good?
Anie Iris
Of course it's bad!!!This is my opinion. But I'm sure that no one of us has a right to judge them, or dicriminate, or smth else!
Anastasia Solovey
its bad.....bad....bad.....but its need for so many people// maybe make it legal???
Alexander Isakov
She wrote Russian!!! Kill her!!!!
Vladimir Speransky
Lol. I know what she offers.
She sucks.
Svetlana Volk
really? what she offers?
Svetlana Volk
Anie #264:
"oOPs!! I didn't notice your question. " LOL I like it!:)))
Andrey Lubentsov
it´s already legal - at least abroad.. and I'm sure noone of them could ever find the pleasure in the work - just the torture:(
Viktory Benevolent
>what she offers?
>She sucks.

Buwahaha. I got it.
Btw it's an easy way for sluts or kinda whores to earn some money because of the lack of gray substance, I guess.

- Show me your tits.
- Good girl, then turn your beautiful fresh ass this way.
- Here is your bucks, web-hooker.
Vladimir Speransky
Man, that's it)
Vladimir Speransky
'- Show me your tits.
- Good girl, then turn your
beautiful fresh ass this way.
- Here is your bucks, web-

This is only the florets)
Maria Vilenskaya
God Almighty! What are you talking about?!
Vladimir Speransky
'bout the made offer to be camwhore)
Andrey Lubentsov
sometimes it seems me, the biggest part of women in the world have accepted this offer:) just take a look at tons of adult materials in www:(
Svetlana Volk
the question here is: Why do they accept this offer?
Vladimir Speransky
Who do u ask?)
Andrey Lubentsov
wow.. let us try to find someone with personal experience in this issue:)
is there anybody there?
Alfia Iskhakova
hey guys i got problem..i just can't get my thoughts concentrated and can't figure out what i wanna say)
Anastasia Melnikova
Hi! My english is very bad :-(
Lidia Rechkina
Hi guys!!!
Adil Kemerov
HEllo Everybody! I'm from Almaty..I am planning to write IELTS..can you give advice in getting good results from it? My English language is in Intermediate level..can I prepare in 2 months to IELTS? thnks
Andrey Zhos
Hello! I'm from Nizhnevartovsk city. My friend invite me in this group.I want to know more about english talking. Do you help me?)
Anna Reygen
I can see,that your english is not so good and you've done a lot of mistakes in you sentence!did you enterprit by urself
Den Pismenny
Friends,what's up?
Anna Reygen
Hey, ADIL! What does IELTS means??
Anastasia Lukashova
It means international english language system, in other words like as toefl..
Ruslan Nazimov
hey guys is someone from Moscow ?)) look for a friends who can speack in english// so come on lets get togather right now//
Andrey Shevtsov
speaking english with other people gives a perfect practice in learning the language!!
Artyom Grigorov
Andrey Shevcov , I fully agree with you))
Kristina Merkulova
Viktoria Medyakova
Hi everybody from Samara. My English level is Intermidiate as well. I"d be very glad to improve it.
Viktoriya Koda
Hallo there!!!
Ann Anu-Lya
Hi everybody!
Let's learn english together!
Thank you =)
p.s. searching teacher from Moscow
Avtandil Rudenko
Let's start!!!!)
Andrey Shevtsov
What're you want to start?))) Talking? But we DO since August 10)
Svetlana Komissarova
English it's my passion. Let's start talking)
Why do you need it?
What about me - I want to study design abroad at the next year.

and what about you?=)
Svetlana Volk
where ru gonna go to study?
Albina Bilalova
Hi everybody!!! If I make some mistakes,please correct me..I'm just a beginner,you know..I think it's very interesting to speak an English..and I hope to find interesting and good friends here..and we'll help each other to make our English better!
Albina Bilalova
Stevlana,it's very good that you have such ideas..I have such dream too..and I start to study English 2years ago..but I need in practice..because I can't speak English well,and don't understand it in perfect
Albina Bilalova
In proper way..I mean)
Svetlana Komissarova
USA - it was fist dream. but now - UK - maybe just for beginig.
I'm searching universities with good education in this sphere.
I hope next year I'll be studing there)
Svetlana Komissarova
Альбина Билалова
where you want to study? what education you already have?

For study abroad as a rule you must have IELTS or TOEFL.
There are many courses for it.

I'll be study one of it soon.

But speaking there -is good idea too)
Svetlana Volk
Svetlana #307. Good luck with yr studies! yr doing really well!:)

Albina #305 (improved text):
"Svetlana, it's great that you have such ideas..I have such dream too..and I started studying English 2years ago..but I need practice..because I can't speak English very well,and don't understand it perfectly"

P.S. review rules of using the articles (a/an. the, -)
Yulia Rasskazova
Do you know about the exchange program - FLEX?
It's for teens :)
Svetlana Komissarova
Светлана _Simply_Tired_ Волк
Nastya Stepnaya
Hello! My name is Nastua!!! Let`s communicate!!!
Viktory Benevolent
Ergh... How about NO?
Nastya Stepnaya
Elena Zanina
why is it so hard for my teachers to have a life :(
Nastya Stepnaya
i don`t know...(((
Dmitry Golovchenko
Oh, it's strange to see this topic not in the top of discussion board. In my opinion there is no more interesting topics in this group.
Georgy Kuznetsov
Other people think different.
Dmitry Golovchenko
You are one of them?
Georgy Kuznetsov
No, of course no
Dmitry Golovchenko
Then you possible have some other arguments to prove her existence, don't you?
Georgy Kuznetsov
For example, there are more 22 000 posts in top topic.
Dmitry Golovchenko
My-ha-ha :)
"Top topic" - it's a topic that have a latest message. And after your own message this topic became a top topic.
Georgy Kuznetsov
I mean topic: ИГРА: Придумайте (английское) слово на последнюю букву предыдущего
Dmitry Golovchenko
Okey, possible you are right, but this theme is only for English words.
So write your last message in English or I will snitch on you to one of greatest moderators with request to ban you.
Georgy Kuznetsov

I mean topic: Game: Invent (English) word on the last letter of the previous
Dmitry Golovchenko
God boy :).
Georgy Kuznetsov
Do you have any else claims?
Dmitry Golovchenko
No, no claims - no wars. Only peace, man.
How do you feel about hippies?
Alexey Dyuzhakov
mm...previous message is the best in that topic)))
Nastya Stepnaya
hippies-strange humans
Pavel Cherkunov
Oh, yer. Hippies is very-very strange,unnormal and... happy humans!
and what about punks???
Nastya Stepnaya
punks are very depressing people(in my opinion) but i love music, that they listen to=)
Tamara Arkatova
My mom said that hippie's children are most normal than others)))
Svetlana Volk
cuz they didnt grow up around computers and game consoles. lol. they dont have ADD and problems with getting a high education. :)
Andrey Lubentsov
that's right.. and this is a good rule / happy parents have happy children:) but.. without being familliar with modern medien and equipment they have no really big chance to be successful..imho
Polina Shestopalova
I'm wondering what you like?
Anastasia Melnikova
What means success? I think every person have they own understanding of this word. For me it is harmony in every parts of my life. I could not be happy if I have a good gob, but have no friends, or I have a lover, but have no money to live. Sorry, I know what I make a lot of mistakes:-)
Svetlana Volk
#338 Polina, whom are you asking?)

#337 Andrey, exactly!!! they were happy without all that technological luxuries we have now. people are getting weaker and easier to manipulate... no more rebels! only politics:((

#339. Nafseta!
Success and happiness do not necessarily go along. and people are never satisfied with what they have. even if you work at wall street and make incredible amount of money, it doesn't mean you are happy, unless your key to be happy is to bury yrself in work. otherwise you cannot be. it's hard to reach a balance.

people who work a lot or study a lot usually do become successful, but they might not have time to treat themselves as human beings or allocate enough time for simple pleasures of life, as love, family and friends.

you just need to choose what is more meaningful for you and what suits you better in this period of your life.
Aliosha Mironyuk
hey dina!!! whats up? (:
Andrey Lubentsov
#340 = golden words.. just a little bit pessimistic / I mean the human race is not really that easy to be governed! probably definite part of community, but by far not whole population / It's our good luck that we always have someone, who would doubt und take a deep sight into the problem...long live the lone fighter, cause if there is one, there will be two also.. and so far!
Mikhail Pryanikov
Svetlana,I do agree with you.
Each who works hardly must be honoured,but sometimes our confidenced purposeness tries are shine out in compare with somebody's money or other meanings of own powerfull.
That's why I want to say that the "simple pleasures",about which you've said in message,are prefer than endless career race.
In any case I think so.
Yulia Karpova
Sorry for my mistakes.but i have questions!How really to act to study abroad?someone from a group study abroad?
Nastya Senyut
Have you ever won any money in a lotter??
Svetlana Komissarova
I'll want to study abroad and hope I will)
Yesterday I was at moscow at the selection by the famous university( University of the arts london) and I Entered))) I'm so happy)
But now one problem - money. now thinking what to do)

Юлия {ХоМяЧоК} Карпова
If you have enough money to pay your education abroad - no problems)
Look some sites,informations,details.
Choose the country,university,speciality.
and apply)
Svetlana Volk
Svetlana, great attitude! And you are right! Just chose the program and go for it! It's fun to study abroad and it's a very different education system comparing to Russian colleges. I hope you can make it to go to London. Just work as much as you can - it's totally worth it!
Svetlana Komissarova
#349 Svetlana, thanks) will be try))
Maria Istomina
Just one question how have you managed to enter that university if you write with such mistakes??It's so unfair(( Good luck anyway))
Katharina Novikova
Her major isn't the language as I can see? =)) I believe she'll improve the knowledge. Sometimes language is just a means)
I wish you, Svetlana Komissarova, good luck and lots of fun! =)) and professional improvement, of course^^
Igor Litvinenko
Hello everyone! I studing english for four years, i`m bad speaking English because i`m teach! Ohh.. i very bad speak English :( But i want to good speak English!
Svetlana Volk
Igor, you speak like Indian. LOL
Igor Litvinenko
According to another can not.
Ivan Sapronov
And please, use a whole link, it's very important for me))
Igor Litvinenko
Иван Сапронов
Oh, great online game :) Zombies!
How do you know about this game?
Ivan Sapronov
I was wandering through the internets and (suddenly!!11) found this site)) The game is launched about a half the month ago, btw)
Karina Balanovskaya
Kevser Verdikhanova
hi!! How are you? i hope everythink okay!
Karina Balanovskaya
I am fifty-fifty... Do you understand me?
Svetlana Zorina
Hello)) Yes, I do.)
Igor Litvinenko
Hi everyone :)
Yulya Khodatskaya
How are you?
Svetlana Volk
come on, guys! we have as many posts here as days in a year and we are still greeting each other???
Andrey Lubentsov
that´s the way love goes:)
J. Jackson
Vladimir Belikov
Светлана _Simply_Tired_ Волк: "come on, guys! we have as many posts here as days in a year and we are still greeting each other???"

Are you surprised? I agree with you, this is not normal, this discussion was, probably, created for exchanging thoughts and opinions, not merely greetings. But I am not surprised. First, many people come into this discussion only once, naturally they want to greet everybody. Second, some can only offer their greetings. Maybe they could write more, but something holds them back.
Dmitry Payro
2 парня ищут 2 девушек для совместного общения на англ - Питер. fluent english only!!!
Svetlana Volk
Vladimir Belikov:
"Second, some can only offer their greetings. Maybe they could write more, but something holds them back." 5+:))))

PEOPLE!!! don't be afraid to speak and write in lame English!!! this is the way you learn!!!

#368 pactalom.... how am I supposed to speak with those "2 парня" if I can only understand fluent English but not fluent Russian. LOOOOL
Oksana Dubovaya
Andrey Lubentsov
:) I like it also..nice idea:)
Lana Mileva
the frost of sun a living day!=)
Alina Pozdnyakova
I love school, friends, and chocolate! and you?
Oleg Samokhotkin
I too))
I love guitars. I play at guitar now=)
How are your, my colleagues?))
Kostya Kashin
I am keen on plaing the gouitar too) also I enjoy playing basketbal*)
Maxim Gostilin
So guys! What theme exact we are going to talk about? There are a lot of themes we can discuss, but nobody do))
Maxim Gostilin
I play nerves better than somebody else))
Maxim Gostilin
Don't trust these flimflammers! This is goddamn denghu!!!
Maxim Gostilin
Cheat tricks and all
Vlada Podkina
how are you?
Oleg Pruts
Hi, people
Diana Shalaeva
Can shall discuss the animal?
Maria Spirkina
Hello my sweet***I am Masha)
Evgeny Mustafin
Hi Masha! Is anybody here?
Irina Tikhanovskaya
It's so strаngе discussion!
Artem Tumanyants
Yes somebody is here! have anybody been to London
Artem Tumanyants
Why it is strange?
Maria Spirkina
no active communication..
Anastasia Khivzhakova
What about you're dreaming?
Anzhelika Konnikova
Anastasia,but what about without it?)))
Alyona Alexandrova
heeey, I'm Alyona...
How are u?
Polinka Ilyasova
Hi Alyona)
I am fine and what about you? Have you ever been in London?
Maria Alyokhina
I'd like to seak in English but I have some problems. I haven't any opportunity to communicate in English. That's why it is easy to catch some information, but it's difficult to express my thoughts.
Evgeny Lubov
Hello, everybody I'm so glad to find this group!!!
Anushik Movsesyan
hi everybody!
Vitaly Nemerenko
Hello! I name is Vitalik. I don't know English language. Please help me!
Patrick Russ
Anybody want to learn American Slang?

ya know, the shit they don't teach ya in school.........??
Svetlana Volk
#399 - yeah, u right! they gotta teach that shit at school but they kinda busy talking about all those grammar rules they use in Britain? who needs to speak british English if u can go anywhere and speak american english and the whole world would still be able to get that u saying;)))

#398 Hi, Vitalik:)))

Just for everyone:
sometimes when u getting trouble to understand that someone else was trying to say it's good to use the same methods u would use for speed reading, i.e., just see everything as a whole without getting into details:) much easier to understand:)

Just for everyone namba 2:

let's chat about whatever!!!
for example, we can discuss recent american/british news, or any kind of news concerning english-speaking countries!
Yura Udovichenko
I ain't know american english very well. Who can teach me?
Diana Shalaeva
All once again regard.How are you?
Yura Udovichenko
I'm fine,and ya?
Anushik Movsesyan
hello everybody!))how are you?)
Yulia Fateyeva (fateeva)
Andrey Satsuk
This topic is really mad=)
Svetlana Volk
it's not just mad. it has no cure....
Yana Gimaltdinova
unfortunately i have serious problems with english gramma..So..can you correct my mistakes any time?
Dmitry Kalentyev
400 messages with hello) and all this)
Ekaterina Akmalova
You didn`t try I see, may be English will interest him too)))
Lyana Bushta
I have no problems with grammar,but I have some with writting!
Anastasia Samoylenko
Any desires for Christmas?
Lyana Bushta
I just can't understand,what are u talking about?

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