GMAT test: Vocabulary Words: English Adjectives

adj. economical
honest; truthful; sincere; frank; straightforward; open
faithless; treacherous; deceitful; adulterous
easy to see; noticeable; obvious
not wasteful; thrifty; frugal; saving

v. contest
to bring to an end; to hold back; to stop by force; to crush
to impress upon the mind, as by insistent urging; to influence
to attempt to disprove or invalidate; to challenge; to appeal; to fight for
to damage; to spoil; to deface

n. promontory
formal expression of high praise; commendation; eulogy
passion; intensity of feeling; ardor; eagerness
piece of land jutting into a body of water; bluff

n. satire
complete range; any complete musical scale; entire extent of anything
libel; slander; calumny
place of judgement; court of justice
novel or play that uses humor or irony to expose folly

v. trek
to make a journey; to migrate
to lump together, causing confusion; to damn; to amaze; to stun; to confuse
to rescue from loss; to save from destruction
to stop; to cease

v. stigmatize
to move secretly; to sneak about
to recognize; to perceive; to grasp; to comprehend
to characterize; to make as disgraceful
to foretell something; to portend

adj. aloof
disposed to find fault; picky; narrow-minded
distant in interest; reserved; cool
simple; plain; modest
lacking firmness; loose; limp; drooping; soft

adj. beneficent
having a smell of decay; malodorous; smelly; stinky
working diligently; persistent; diligent; assiduous
full of knots; twisted
conferring benefits; kind; doing good

n. diffidence
wealthy leader
exceptional person; unusual occurrence
copy; representation; reproduction; duplicate
hesitation in asserting oneself; lack of confidence; timidity; shyness

adj. extraneous
not consisting of matter; having no material existence; insubstantial
strong; bulky; stocky; sturdy
morally bad; vile; wicked
irrelevant; not related; not essential