GMAT verbal preparation: Vocabulary Games: English Noun

n. recluse
strength; power; depression; dent
controversy; dispute
flow; continual change; fluidity
person who lives secluded; loner; hermit

n. edifice
large building
very small piece; particle; tiny amount
parts of entertainment; plan for dealing with a matter; coded instructions; schedule; agenda

n. ideology
confused condition; hesitation; vacillation
original draft or record of a document; rules of behavior
speculation; representative way of thinking; philosophy; doctrine
habitual or chronic relapse of criminal or antisocial offenses

n. shoal
collection or mixture of various things; aggregate; cluster; mass; assortment
large group or crowd
scarcity; shortage; lack
piece of land jutting into a body of water; bluff

n. diligence
extreme natural force; catastrophe
industriousness; hard work; perseverance
self-restraint; forbearance; avoidance
collection of beliefs; system of religious laws

n. calamity
ability to write easily and expressively; articulateness; eloquence
seeing only the gloomy side; hopelessness; (opposite; optimism)
death; decease; coming to an end

n. euphony
pleasant combination of sounds
putting a curse on someone; talking negatively about another; slander
word or phrase which reads the same backwards and forwards
outcome of another event; consequence; branch; bough

n. chaffing
natural tendency towards; bias; aptitude; tendency; inclination
correspondence of parts; harmony
banter; teasing
kind; type; category; style

n. nostrum
point directly overhead in the sky; highest point; climax
morbid fear
plunderer; raider; thief
questionable remedy for difficulties; panacea

n. iota
person who pretends to have knowledge; impostor; fake; quack; fraud
group of lines in a poem having a definite pattern
apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries accidentally
very small piece; particle; tiny amount