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The Question of Popularity

В топике Вопрос о популярности рассматриваются условия, при которых талантливый человек сможет стать популярным. Надо знать, чего ты хочешь, настойчиво стремиться к своей цели, уметь мыслить неординарно и не зависеть от мнения большинства. Еще один немаловажный фактор – удача. Только действительно достойные люди смогут стать популярными.

Every person has some particularities that make him unique. Everybody is talented in something, but not everyone can notice and improve the abilities. Moreover much less of them can become popular with their talent. But what is the main cause person became popular of?

In my opinion, all people who became famous have gone very difficult way to achieve respect and acclaim of public. No wonder that the richest of millioners were very poor at the beginning of their career but they weren't afraid of risk. It's very important not to give up and if you fall down 9 times you should rise 10 times only then you can achieve your aim.

One of the most common features of famous people it's the braveness to think differently from the opinion of the majority. Only strong and independent people can become popular.

In contrary to saying above I want to notice that even if a person has all these features, it is not a fact that this person becomes popular. One thing is necessary - it's fortune. To be in the right place in the right time – sometimes it plays a great role in the people's fade and can made them popular easy like wind changes.
There are lots of famous people in different fields of activity. But only the most talented brave and hard-working deserve to be famous with millions of people. I believe that popularity will belong only to people who really worth it.

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