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Топик Трудоголизм рассказывает об особой зависимости: зависимости от работы, которая никогда не кончается. Эта зависимость – сродни алкоголизму. Сам трудоголик ставит себя в тяжелые условия, отдавая все силы и время работе и, в то же время, создает неудобства для коллектива, в котором трудится. Можно излечиться от такой зависимости, если дать себе возможность побольше отдыхать и ценить свое свободное время.

For many people, fact about workaholism are not clear. What is workaholism, exactly? When should a person seek help about his problem related to his job? Workaholism is the same kind of addiction, like alcoholism. Most often, workaholism in its severe from could be observed. They have always been getters, and for modem workaholics it is a good argument to justify themselves. For smart people it is easier to become a workaholic, because physical labor can not last long. For example, modern workaholics are the majority of computer geeks. These people, suffering from this particular form of addiction, have a special warehouse mentality. According to most physicians, these people are always restless about themselves. The problem of workaholism is that the line between hard work and this disease is difficult to draw. A workaholic usually leaves work later, much later than the other workers. Most likely it seems to us we don't depend on workaholics but if his boss sees his work and thinks that other workers can stay after work too. So he voluntarily or involuntarily pulls the staff in an uncomfortable situation for them. It should be noted that workaholics are divided into several groups. In the first there are workaholics who work because they like it. In the second there are workaholics who work because they have to. There are those are engaged in useless activities, which nobody is interested in it simulates, filling avoid in his life.
I think that workaholism is curable, if a workaholic understands in time that he is a workaholic. That in his life, there are serious problems from which he frees to work, without deciding, but only adding to them. Likely workaholics need to learn to enjoy doing nothing. Spend a delicious lunch twice as longer than usual. Give yourself a break once a week. You can choose a distraction from work but what it could be family, religion, art, sport or embroidering a cross - it's up to you.

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