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Censorship is a restricted form of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, television and other media due to the norms of protection of the interests of the state, society and public institutions. From one side, censorship is a good and right fact. Because everywhere must be control, especially in things, which are got to people. In the past there was a lot of censorship, especially in the Soviet time. Absolutely everything was controlled, from magazines and books till private correspondences and conversations. There were different police jurisdictions - state censorship. Their work was to prohibit dissemination of products or ideas which undermined some norms of the society or party. On the one hand it is bad, but on another it's good.

In our time, censorship has been canceled, and everyone is free to express his thoughts. And what is its result? In fact there are no prohibitions, but we die from all this abundance. We don't know where to get something worthwhile or interesting, losing ourselves in the huge amount of data, choking in the huge amount of information. There are boring movies, empty and stupid novels, which are published by thousands in a year; incredible number of songs with meaningless lyrics and similar music;a lot of incomprehensible newspapers and magazines.Because of it, you can just don't notice new styles and trends, because there are too many of them and half of them usual hybrids.About censorship on the Internet, for example, we can speak a long time, because there are too many things need to be banned.Vulgarity, the wrong values are the reason that described before. People lose their sense of taste and style, like a beautiful snow melting in the spring. Critics, whose job is instructing the right way and pointing out flaws, just don't have time to read or see everything. Here appears the unpleasant dilemma: the more formulaic and similar novels, books, magazines, movies - the less creative.

There is nothing better than freedom. But absolutely freedom generates a mess. Everything should be in moderation. Limitlessness in our time of high technology especially affects on the younger generations. We need censorship. For example, you surf the internet and sometimes different "dirty" sites emerge. It's unpleasantly. Exactly children must not see it. Go to any site where there is a possibility of messaging, and what do we see? Obscene words, insults. For example, YouTube. After watching any video, you see the comments and at the same minute you want to switch off the computer because of all this uncontrolled obscene language.

Steve Jobs said: "When you're young and you watch TV, you think that TV companies conspired and want to make people stupid. But when you grow up you understand that people want it themselves. And it is more scary thought. The plot, it's not scary. You can shoot bastards, begin a revolution. But there is no any conspiracy, television just meets the demand. And unfortunately, it's true."

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