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Топик Текущие события. Пресса. Политика рассказывает о том, сколько полезной информации мы можем получить из газетных публикаций, потому что они охватывают все основные темы нашей жизни. По сравнению с другими СМИ, такими как телевидение, интернет и журналы, газеты освещают все новости намного подробнее и своевременнее.

Nowadays our world is overloaded with various events. Every day happen a lot of different exciting things such as accidents, cataclysm, war, political events, cultural and many others. So we can see that each day is filled with news and it was necessary for people to keep all this information and let others to know about it. That is why were invented newspapers and magazines, then TV and Internet. We can get a lot of useful information from newspaper reports because they cover the main topics of our life. They publish materials about politics and different viewpoints on it. I think that newspapers have more advantages than other mass media such as TV, Internet and magazines. Because newspapers cover more news and in much more details than TV or radio newscast can do.

Many newspapers have publications about international events, about the life of the people in all parts of the world. They also keep us informed on the events in so called "Hotpoint". I think that there is practically no family which doesn't read newspapers. It's very important for every citizen to know about events which happened in his country, especially about political news because policy plays a very important role in our life and we should be aware of all changes in this sphere.

Coming to conclusion I'd like to say that nowadays it's impossible to imagine our life without newspapers and other mass media. Because the press is a mirror of current events which helps people to be aware of the latest news, which happen in the world

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