ASVAB preparation test: Vocabulary Exercise

adj. massive
indicated in an indirect way
showing no interest; having no feelings
vital; necessary
very heavy and large

adj. impudent
gentle; lacking distinctive qualities
rudely bold; overly confident
previous; before
essential to the whole; central

adj. manual
unable to be conquered; impregnable; unbeatable
referring to the base level; fundamental; main
describing a feat or process performed by hand

adj. listless
extremely generous (e.g. praise)
unyielding; very firm position or opinion
lacking in spirit
delicate; complicated; having many connecting factors

adj. skeptical
not believing in something; showing doubt
impolite; cheeky; rude
continuing over a long period of time
very silly; ridiculous

adj. bland
low level (usually refers to tasks or positions)
unable to be erased; permanent
gentle; lacking distinctive qualities
describing the breaks between successive sounds

adj. sporadic
strong; powerful
lawful (e.g. claim)
irregular; occasional; infrequent
cold; hard; or unfeeling

adj. impartial
very fat
unbiased; neutral; fair
important; significant meaning

adj. gross
insignificant; referring to a small amount
very large; huge
narrow-minded; unwilling or unable to respect others or their beliefs
glaringly bad (e.g. injustice)

adj. credible
taking place at the same time