ASVAB test: Vocabulary Exercises: Adjective Verb Tests

adj. gruesome
impolite; cheeky; rude
vital; necessary
horrifying; terrible
cold; hard; or unfeeling

v. deplore
to be sorry about
to depart from the subject under consideration
to obtain from a source; to reason; to infer; to deduce
to blot out; to erase; to remove

adj. spry
unable to be conquered; impregnable; unbeatable
distorted in appearance; hideous
moving easily; nimble
cultured; wise about the world

adj. majestic
safe; harmless
describing actions after a person's death
not believing in something; showing doubt
grandeur; extravagant and luxurious

adj. hostile
describing a high level of danger
unfriendly (e.g. unwelcome)
well known in a negative way
good-humored in a good natured way

adj. insipid
describing the breaks between successive sounds
uninteresting (e.g. conversation); bland
referring to the soul; having no body, form, or substance
endless; vast

adj. amenable
keen to the senses and emotions
movable; flexible
disposed to follow (e.g. advice); accountable; follows authority
cultured; wise about the world

adj. paramount
feeling comfortable
very heavy and large
chief; highly important

v. digress
to dishearten
to weaken by adding something less strong to the original (e.g. a mixture)
to depart from the subject under consideration
to cut or take apart, especially in biology or anatomy

adj. prime
small in amount; scanty
not busy; loose
top in importance or quality; first