ASVAB verbal word list: Improving Vocabulary

adj. integral
lonely; sometimes barren
unreasonable; illogical; groundless
overly loud or offensively conspicuous
essential to the whole; central

adj. inherent
wretched; often referring to terrible conditions
still and calm
grandeur; extravagant and luxurious
existing in someone or something

adj. incendiary
causing fire (e.g. bomb); easily combustible
arrogant; overly proud
vividly realistic

adj. colossal
convincing (e.g. argument)
important; significant meaning

adj. sophisticated
very tidy; spotlessly clean
cultured; wise about the world
inborn; natural

adj. derogatory
bloody; disgusting
threatening; often frightening

adj. irate
educated to the point of being able to read and write (e.g. person)
extremely angry; having very strong feelings
highly skilled; proficient; expert
joyous and lively

adj. implicit
naturally simple; not complicated
elaborate; often referring to decorations
grave; mournful
implied; understood

adj. curt
rudely brief
with real identity hidden; in disguise
movable and capable of being carried
having a pleasant disposition; friendly; good-natured

adj. overt
very large; enormous
not hiding anything; open
happening due to a natural reason; no planning
taking place at the same time