ASVAB vocab test: Increase Vocabulary: English

adj. picayune
not excitable; very casual
essential to the whole; central
not important; petty
indirect; sly

adj. gratis
moving quickly and easily
skilled and effective

adj. fallible
very busy; feverish
unfriendly (e.g. unwelcome)
likely to error; describing the chance of making a mistake
overly proud

adj. hale
previous; before
very heavy and large
unbiased; neutral; fair

v. derive
to obtain from a source; to reason; to infer; to deduce
to cut or take apart, especially in biology or anatomy
to keep someone from having or getting something
to hate strongly

adj. indigent
poor; humble
averse; unwilling; extremely reluctant

adj. prevalent
demanding a lot of work; often lengthy
thinking of others; thoughtful
very funny; humorous
broad and widespread

adj. lax
loose; tolerant or lenient (e.g. discipline)
still and calm
overly modest
regarding kind or charitable acts; organizing benefits for charities

adj. nocturnal
joyous; ecstatic
municipal; pertaining to citizens or township
thoughtless; paying little attention
having a preference for the evening; of the night

adj. infinitesimal
very small; minute
likely to error; describing the chance of making a mistake
having an important part of the issue at hand; pertinent