GMAT preparation test: Activities for Teaching

adj. unprecedented
unheard of; exceptional; unparalleled
friendly; good-natured; easy to talk to
concerning everyone; existing everywhere; comprehensive; worldwide
characterized by sitting; remaining in one locality; inactive

adj. concise
agile; flexible; pliant
mixed with a darker color
in few words; brief; condensed; succinct; short yet comprehensive
honest; truthful; sincere; frank; straightforward; open

adj. indignant
periodic; occasional; sporadic
expressing anger to an injustice; irate; resentful
fragrant; sweet-smelling; having the odor of a particular thing; reminiscent of
separate; individual

adj. serrated
easily fooled; naive; credulous
roundabout and unnecessarily wordy
open-minded; unbiased; impartial
having a saw-toothed edge

adj. inconclusive
odd; peculiar; strange; unusual
not final or of a definite result; unconvincing
experienced; indefinite; competent
very short-lived; lasting only a short time; transitory

adj. lucent
inactive; at rest; peaceful; motionless; quiet
unpredictable; irregular; unsettled
unselfish; generous
shining; gleaming

adj. endemic
native to a particular area; indigenous; local
buried; concealed; undisclosed; hidden
not genuine; false; bogus; phony; artificial
lustful; wicked; vulgar; obscene

adj. didactic
instructive; preachy; educational; tending to lecture others excessively
having the qualities of a beast; brutal; barbaric
sparing in use of food or drinks; satisfied with little; moderate
undisturbed and calm; tranquil; quiet; serene

adj. mordant
cutting; sarcastic; incisive; sharp
probable; feasible; logical; conceivable
resting; reclining
constant and unending; unceasing; continuous

adj. nascent
starting to grow or develop
inconvenient; uncomfortable
disreputable; obscure; indistinct
rigorously abstinent; severe; self-denying; celibate