GMAT prep test: Word Vocabulary Games: English

adj. plausible
probable; feasible; logical; conceivable
modest; bashful; pretending shyness to attract; flirtatious; coquettish
germ free; uninfected
neutral; unbiased; impartial; indifferent

adj. torpid
not frank or candid; deceivingly simple; hypercritical; false; truthful
filthy; wretched (from squalor); dirty; miserable
being dormant; slow; sluggish; inert; apathetic
showing good judgment in conduct; prudent; modest; circumspect; unobtrusive

adj. tawdry
quarrelsome; controversial; argumentative
all-inclusive; complete; thorough; extensive; large in scope
tastelessly ornamented; cheap
easily imposed; inclined; prone; vulnerable

adj. atypical
expressionless; dull; inflexible; stiff; blunt
traditional; accepted; conservative
abnormal; unusual; irregular
existing; refers especially to books or documents

adj. cognitive
yielding to the opinion of another; showing honor; respectful
hard to understand; concealed; deep; obscure; profound
possessing the power to think or meditate; meditative; capable of perception; aware; perceptive
having qualities attributed to a woman; delicate; overly feminine

adj. baroque
doubtful; uncertain; skeptical; suspicious
deserving blame; guilty
extravagant; ornate; embellished
old-fashioned; unusual; odd; strange

adj. reciprocal
complying; obeying; yielding; acquiescent
mutual; having the same relationship to each other; common; joint
apt to; likely; angled; sharp; cutting
periodic; occasional; sporadic

adj. bellicose
quarrelsome; warlike
unreal; false; deceptive; illusive
inclined to silence; speaking little; dour; stern
acting as a dictator; demanding obedience

adj. contrite
showing no emotion; stolid; apathetic; calm; relaxed
based on one's preference or judgment; unrestricted
regretful; sorrowful; having repentance; remorseful; pertinent
full of insight; aware; comprehending

adj. precipitate
happening quickly; rushed; headfirst
having the same family; from the same source; similar in nature or form
thick and dense; cloudy; confused; muddy; murky
unimportant; small; worthless; minor