TOEFL test: Vocabulary Exercises: Noun Verb

n. aptness
abundance; full amount; excessive supply
lengthy, heartfelt speech; scolding; lecture
suitability; ability
keenness of mind; insight; astuteness; shrewdness

n. caricature
insult; curse; affront; offense
indirect reference (often literary); hint
drawing that exaggerates certain physical characteristics
burden; duty; obligation; responsibility

v. procrastinate
to belittle; to speak slightingly of; to reduce the value or cost; to disparage
to declare positively; to confirm; to affirm
to postpone; to put off to another time; to delay; to hold back
to refer indirectly to something; to hint

adj. venerable
unidentified; disguised; concealed; anonymous; unknown
deserving respect or reverence because of age; worthy of honor and esteem
unreal; made-up; false
honest; truthful; sincere; frank; straightforward; open

adj. forensic
dead; vanished; gone
corpselike; hence; haggard; pale; ghastly
pertaining to or used in a court of law; rhetorical; argumentative
severe; demanding; strict; binding; constraining

adj. plebeian
quarrelsome; warlike
incapable of being defended or held; uninhabitable
perfect or highly accomplished; excellent; skilled; complete
pertaining to the common people, hence common or vulgar; rude

adj. gossamer
thin and light
clever; resourceful; talented; inventive
wasteful; careless; not saving up for future needs
well-deserved (applied chiefly to punishment); proper; fitting

n. cabal
working class; social class comprised of manual laborers
group of people joined by a secret; group of conspirators
little world or universe in miniature
abundance; full amount; excessive supply

v. abet
to guess; to speculate; to surmise; to hypothesize; to infer
to echo; to resonate; to resound
to publish; to spread abroad; to declare; to advertise widely
to encourage; to support

n. adversary
enemy; foe; opponent; rival
front or face, especially of a building; illusion; deceptive appearance
origin; beginning; creation
faithfulness; loyalty