TOEFL test: Vocabulary Test: Noun Vocabulary List

n. impostor
affected or silly smile; smirk
meaning; significance; bringing in of goods from another country
person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others; pretender; impersonator
historical records; archives; chronicles

n. respite
contrast; direct opposite
similarity; correlation; parallelism; comparability
nearness; vicinity; adjacency; closeness
rest period; temporary delay

n. reprisal
extreme patriot; person who is excessively devoted
inscription on a monument; in honor or memory of a dead person; commemoration
injury inflicted in turn for one received; retaliation; revenge
offensive and hostile attitude; attack; forceful behavior

n. hovel
collection of choice literary works; compilation
nautical unit of depth; unit of length equal to six feet
dirty or wretched dwelling; hut; shack
regret for wrongdoing; remorse; uneasiness of conscience

n. scintilla
harsh rebuke; abusive condemnation; denunciation
fictitious name; pen name
trace; particle; spark; iota
clique; group who meet frequently, usually socially

n. buffoon
conclusion reached by reasoning from data or premises; speculation
clown; joker; fool; ludicrous figure
payment for services; repayment
name or term that describes wrongly

n. aptitude
alliance; merging of various units into one unit; union
skill; talent; ability
opinion contrary to popular belief
body (natural or artificial) which revolves around a larger body; generally a planet

n. coalition
government by the best people; privileged class
alliance; merging of various units into one unit; union
god; divine or supreme being
something taken for granted; going beyond proper bounds; impudent boldness; arrogance

n. impropriety
incorrectness; unsuitableness
fake show intended to deceive; deception; pretense; diversionary tactic
thoughtlessness; state of complete forgetfulness
anger; rage; fury

n. candor
scarcity; shortage; lack
sincerity; honesty; openness
exaggeration; overstatement
act of rejoicing; joy; gaiety; glee