TOEFL practice test: Improve Your Vocabulary

adj. turgid
swollen; inflated; using big or high-sounding words
juicy; delectable; luscious
likely to happen without delay; forthcoming; impending
real; genuine; trustworthy; reliable

n. proximity
decree; command; order
consolation; commiseration
person who advocates extreme basic changes
nearness; vicinity; adjacency; closeness

n. aristocracy
point directly overhead in the sky; highest point; climax
government by the best people; privileged class
large number; a lot; innumerable; endless; infinitive; multiple
two words having the same sound but different meanings

adj. crass
insensitive; materialistic; rude; ill-mannered
very pleasing; adorable; delightful; delicious
trite; without freshness or originality; commonplace; stale; usual
different; varied

v. calumniate
to talk or write excitedly; to scold; to lecture
to express disapproval of; to protest against; to disparage; belittle
to display or wave boastfully
to accuse falsely or maliciously in order to injure another's reputation; to slander

n. misanthrope
maze; complicated network of passages; something confusing or bewildering
person who distrusts everything; hater of mankind
distortion of the face to express an attitude or feeling; anger; disapproval
secret agreement for an illegal purpose; conspiracy

n. dilettante
admirer of the fine arts; dabbler; amateur; nonprofessional
front or face, especially of a building; illusion; deceptive appearance
formal statement of either fact or opinion; maxim; pronouncement; saying
homesickness; sentimentality

n. exodus
behavior; bearing; conduct; appearance
keenness of mind; insight; astuteness; shrewdness
inherent quality; characteristic
mass departure; emigration

adj. devious
secret; hidden; covert; stealthy; underhand
deceptive; crooked; twisting; circuitous; indirect
careful; cautious; prudent; watchful; guarded
threatening or showing evil; dishonest; malicious

n. harangue
fake show intended to deceive; deception; pretense; diversionary tactic
use of force; compulsion; pressure
lengthy, heartfelt speech; scolding; lecture
interval; break; period of rest; separation; interruption; opening