TOEFL preparation test: Activities for Teaching

adj. cumbrous
burdensome and clumsy; bulky; unwieldy
lying flat on the back; inert; inactive; averse to taking action; indifferent; passive
opposed; contrary
understood by only a chosen few; confidential; private

adj. pedantic
burdensome and clumsy; bulky; unwieldy
emphasizing minutiae or form in scholarship or teaching; strict; meticulous
equivalent to; equal to
gentle; polite; agreeable; pleasant; kind; boring; apathetic

adj. dolorous
extremely dry; parched; barren; unimaginative
sarcastic; doubting the sincerity of others; pessimistic
sorrowful; mournful; painful
separate; individual

adj. disconsolate
without hope; sad; dejected; depressed
unpredictable; irregular; unsettled
understood but not plainly stated; without doubt; indirectly suggested; implied; unconditional; contained within
lack of feeling; impartial; calm; unbiased

adj. mottled
smooth and slippery; speaking or spoken in a smooth manner; easily fluent; careless; insincere
unidentified; disguised; concealed; anonymous; unknown
spotted or streaked with varied colors
friendly; good-natured; easy to talk to

n. jeopardy
person who advocates extreme basic changes
person skilled at telling stories
sending off; shipment; message; communication; promptness
danger; peril; hazard

adj. vicarious
taking the place of another; felt, received or done in place of another; indirect
suited; pleasant; agreeable; affable
mentally distressed; distracted; crazed; bewildered; hysterical
honest; truthful; sincere; frank; straightforward; open

adj. exotic
unusual; striking; foreign; out of the ordinary
changeable; fickle
not easily discouraged or defeated; unconquerable
insensitive; materialistic; rude; ill-mannered

adj. flagrant
pertaining to or used in a court of law; rhetorical; argumentative
constantly changing or varying in pattern or scenes
glaringly wrong; shameless; notorious; offensive
deadly; causing distress or death; destructive

adj. sallow
ill-natured; quarrelsome; contentious; irritable
unequal; different; unlike; contrasting
sick; having a sickly yellow coloring
sacrificing moral principles in order to attain power; politically cunning; crafty