TOEFL prep test: Word Vocabulary Games: English

adj. diverting
getting to the heart of things; to the point
entertaining; distracting; deflecting; amusing
indifferent; submissive; nonchalant; self-satisfied; at ease
free from local prejudices; worldly

adj. corpulent
with abusive condemnation; with harsh denunciation
of various colors; of mixed ingredients; of great variety
fat; obese; fleshy
sorrowful; mournful; painful

adj. antithetical
having to do with shepherds or the country; rural
opposed; contrary
full of enthusiasm or eagerness; passionate; excited
hot and moist; sensuous; stifling

adj. anonymous
nameless; unidentified
reverent; sincere; pious; earnest; religious
attacking; offensive; hostile; forceful; bold
despotic; dictatorial

adj. condign
pleasure-loving; hedonistic
understood but not plainly stated; without doubt; indirectly suggested; implied; unconditional; contained within
well-deserved (applied chiefly to punishment); proper; fitting
worldly; as opposed to spiritual; existing for a time only

adj. commodious
frightened; quivering
wise; prudent; sensible; discreet
spacious and convenient; roomy; ample; comfortable
indifferent; submissive; nonchalant; self-satisfied; at ease

adj. protuberant
omnipresent; present everywhere
sick; having a sickly yellow coloring
developed or matured earlier than usual
bulging; swelling out; jutting out

adj. obdurate
of beauty; pertaining to taste in art and beauty
stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing; stiff-necked
contemptible; degrading; humiliating; ignoble; contempt; base; mean
pertaining to a tailor or clothes

adj. extinct
often of mistakes; extremely and noticeably bad; flagrant; rude
living loosely; unrestrained in conduct or morals; depraved; licentious; corrupt
dead; vanished; gone
traveling about; wandering

adj. obsolete
spontaneous; impromptu; improvised
pertaining to or occurring in the night
out of date; outdated; archaic; extinct; antiquated
unmoved or indifferent; composed; casual; indifferent