Gen X English Slang: Trippin’, Gnarly, And Other Expressions

The language characteristics of Gen X, who were born roughly between the early 1960s and the middle of the 1980s, reflect their experiences, values, and cultural influences. In this article, we delve into popular English expressions and slang, providing insights into the linguistic world and the trends that define Generation X.


A term used to describe something as excellent, impressive, or exciting. It signifies admiration for something that is daring, remarkable, or out of the ordinary.

Example: That skateboard trick was gnarly! He nailed it.

Chill pill

An English slang expression that is used to advise someone to relax, calm down, or take it easy.

Example: You're overthinking it. Just take a chill pill and enjoy the moment.


An English acronym that stands for “Young Urban Professional”. It refers to a member of the young, upwardly mobile generation who is focused on career advancement, material success, and the urban lifestyle.

Example: In the 1980s, yuppies were known for their ambitious career goals and lavish lifestyles.


Someone who is exaggerating, acting unreasonably, or being too dramatic is referred to by a colloquial term. It implies doubt or disagreement with someone's actions or assertions.

Example: He's trippin' if he thinks he can finish that project by tomorrow.


A term used to refer to one's home or living space. It is often used informally to describe a comfortable or cosy place.

Example: I'm just going to hang out at my crib tonight. It's been a long day.


A word that designates something as awesome, great, or remarkable. It exudes an air of awe or excitement.

Example: That concert was rad! The band put on an amazing show.


A slang term that is used to address or refer to someone, regardless of gender. It signifies casual camaraderie or friendship.

Example: Hey, dude, what's up? Long time no see.

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