5 Most Pointless Inventions

Online shopping has become an essential part of everyday life. These days we can buy everything with a click. However, such convenient services became a harmful habit or even obsession for some people. Many inventors came up with objects that may have no use but are still popular among curious shopaholics. Let’s have a look at the 5 most ridiculous inventions by far.

Nose Stylus

This object has nothing to do with Halloween. The tip of this extended nose works as a stylus. According to the designer’s idea you can do 2 things at once — use your phone with a “magic stylus” and read or write something having both hands free.

Baby Mop

This invention doesn’t look as useless, though. Babies like crawling everywhere. Why not take a chance and benefit from their activities? This comfy suit secures the comfort of your child exploring the surface of the house floor and keeps it dust-free.

Egg cuber

Do you like hard-boiled eggs? Well, the designers of this invention thought you might like them even more in a different shape. Would you like to give it a try?

Mold-spotted sandwich bags

If you feel like never sharing your yummy sandwiches with anybody this invention might be quite handy for you. Not only it protects you from your colleagues’ hints to taste your lunch, but may also keep them far away from your eating spot.

Shouting vase

No more stress stay with you if you purchase a shouting vase. If you feel like anger is approaching you, just shout it out. The plastic jugs absorb your screams and make them sound softer. By the way, it’s only 51 USD per vase.

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