Most Common Internet Dating Slang Terms

Ever been ghosted or haunted? This article will revel the meanings of the most confusing slang words that came from online dating users.


If you bench somebody, it means you keep dating this person with almost no investment into relationships. So the options to find somebody new are open.

Looks like Jessica is benching Bryan, and he is just blindly into her.


If you ever tried dating somebody online or are willing to give it a try, be aware of catfishing. Catfish is a person who pretends to be someone else in order to benefit from romantic relationships.

Have you watched a new Netflix documentary about catfishing?


This slang word has an almost literal meaning. For instance, if you went on a date and after that, the person you met never texted, called you or showed a desire to meet again, he/she clearly ghosted you.


You may say somebody is haunting you if they start following you on social media, like your posts, and watch your stories, though they ghosted you before.

Jay is haunting me now. He appeared out of nowhere and started liking almost all my photos on Instagram. Guess he forgot how he ghosted me a few years ago.


If you're stashing means you are hiding your romantic interest from friends and family. It’s common among those who know these relationships won’t last long.


If you are confused about your relationship status with somebody, most probably you may call it a situationship. Usually, it is more than a platonic friendship but has no clear tag yet.


If you get to find your penguin, we want to congratulate you on that. Finding the penguin means meeting a person you want to be with forever.

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