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А давайте будем описывать человека по аве на английском?

Татьяна Мушанок
кто начнет?
Olga Alexandrovna
начинайте с меня)
Marianna Moleva
you are nice)
Татьяна Мушанок
Okey.Marianna I think you are positive and bright girl=)
Marianna Moleva
it is so sweet)
you are right)))

and i think you are lovely and interesting girl)
Ekaterina Mazanko
Rainbow colored dresses rule :))
Pavel Bobrovsky
you look like a flag! :D
Marina Rogova
u have a dark skin and probably u prefer to listen rap =)
Ilya Barbotko
7 lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-l
Ilya Varentsov
Good! Marina I think you are frendly .
Tsebay Atasnikov
You're looking like a jim carry!
Sergey Novikov
Now i want to tell some words about "Цебай =обморок= Атасников"s photo.
He is looked like a mime. He is dancing just now. He has a nice black t-shirt...
He has dark hair which he wears short... He is smiling, his eyes are closed.
Anastasia Tanishevskaya
Теперь меня)
Pavel Bobrovsky
I see something like a Siamese twins...
Tsebay Atasnikov
Looks like it all the hollywood in there)
Tsebay Atasnikov
I've remember! This is a simon phoenix! )))
Pavel Bobrovsky
Looks like a break dancer

Simon says: Bleed! :D
Tsebay Atasnikov
That's you sad!
(And throw him down from the car)
Yulya Panich
The real you.I think you are funny and you love heavy metal.
Lada Golovina
Beautiful, smart, successful, secure, easy angel!
Dmitry Ivanov
через переводчик я тоже могу!_((((
Yulya Panich
I don't think that it is bed...
Evgeny Knoxville
You like smoke!
Evgeny Knoxville
Evgeny Knoxville
Yulia Ми пам*ятаємо Panych
I see light fire in your hands!
I like watch to the Candle))
Evgeny Knoxville
как правильно, on the candle или to the candle?
Darya Panfyorova
O my Got!
Darya Panfyorova
ЕВГЕНИЙ,английский в школе надо учить.
Artur Rybakov
ДАРЬЯ, тебе походу тоже...
Ekaterina Mazanko
Watch the candle ;D
Marinochka Klimova
say in russian -a pancake..hahaha)). you have super done))))
emm... you're small 'n' pretty ))))
Marinochka Klimova
GYUSSS//// dont let the mistakes )))
Natasha Gritsaenko
God give me better memory))))))) I have learnt and forget it simultaneously....
Evgenia Alexeeva
It was a wonderful sunny day...
Tsebay Atasnikov
You're a mother) and you have a beautiful child) i like it
Alexander Gor
you look like a "Kiss" band...
Ksenia Pereverzeva
you look like a fluffy bunny)))
Татьяна Мушанок
nice girl and beatiful smile=)
Kotik Murkotik
very nice and beautiful
Nikka Ilgovskaya
you v got a curly hair
Oleg Dmitriev
you are bitting your nails)))))
Olga Podolyaka
you are very self confident=)
Yulia Danilova
Tatyana Alexeeva
such a sweet girl =-)
Mark Sosnovsky
too dark
Tsebay Atasnikov
Tokio Hotel's fans family
Darya Maximenko
a cool dancer with a winning make-up ;)
Kolya Malyshev
good look
Anna Makshantseva
lovin' his dog_)
Arman Altiev
i fall in love with u
Tatyana Alexeeva
nice dude =-) when your mixtape's out?
Alyona Shevchenko
Avril Lavigne-the best!
Tsebay Atasnikov
Typical russian wife
Olga Podolyaka
dark knight
Olenka Lyakhova
She looks like how a model )
Bogdan Paschenko
I think you so happy )) What about me?
Olenka Lyakhova
Guy with a big gun in the box )))) ahahah))))
Nadezhda Lebedeva
You're a brutal guy))
Nadezhda Lebedeva
You're very nice, Olya))
Olenka Lyakhova
Thanks, Nadya )))))

Do you remember the Gazmanov's song:
"You are seawoman, I am fisherman" ))))

You are very nice seawoman, now I understand, why human wisdom tells, that women on the ship is to disaster )))) ahahah)))
Nadezhda Lebedeva
ahahahaaa, Thank you very much))
Ira Lyakhevich
you are pretty and happy girl :)
Lyazzat Isaeva
i see only u'r face, and i think u are nice girl, u have a beautiful eyes!
Ksenia Yarotskaya
on my mind you're very kind)))
Vitaly Dyurba
Natasha Kuznetsova
i really like all people))))))))))))
Alexey Potanin
Interesting person. Kind and romantic girl. i suggest it's to spend time with you fine. sorry for failes)
Sabina Binatova
Smart and clever guy.I think that he studies in university))
Viktoria Kataraga
Лада Miss Mystic Falls Helen Gilbert Головина

Sexy, brave, stubborn, confidence, pretty of course!
U R looking like the cat's meaw!
Viktoria Kataraga
Now, what can U tell about me?
Evgenia Bachurka
I think about you are good girl and you can like of some man. Nice) ) ) ) )
Natalya Prozorovskaya
A young romantic girl, loves to please men, dreams of a prince on a white horse and a beautiful wedding
Elena Tonn
she is happy traveler
Tanya Gorkovskaya
she is very good and funny girl:)
Yulia Cherneva
it seems to me that she is kind
Sergey Semilovsky
You are so warm in your jacket)
Eleonora Garanina
cute T-shirt
Karina Vayss
You look like Superman or Peter Pan))) It seems like you're flying in the blue sky... "I can fly!!!" that's what Peter Pan used to say in the movie))))
Eleonora Garanina
Jared Leto is better than S or PP)))

like your heir style
Oksana Starostina
30STM is the most musical group in the world!!! You have a blue hair
Olenka Lyakhova
You look like how a standard girl from Yakutia )))
Arina Plekhanova
you are beautiful girl, jumping for joy!:)
Olenka Lyakhova
Thank you, Arina ))))

dreaminess, romance ant beauty
Kristina Mitina
I think this photo was made in very cute place=)
where are u, olen'ka?=)
Olenka Lyakhova
It 's in the Berlin

So....I think that all people have a photo from the long arm )))) But you have a specific, because you how a swab in the fog )
Petr Nemchinov
Cheerful girl, maybe first time in Europe ? )))))
Kristina Mitina
как швабра в тумане?!
или я недопонимаю?
Olenka Lyakhova
Not yet )))) In Berlin, yeap, it was my first journey)

I like muscular guy ;)
Olenka Lyakhova
ahahah))) swab can be used how a synonym for word "hedgehog"
Anastasia Nasachenko
There is a smart girl on the ava streaching her hands and smiling kindly :)
Darya Krutovertseva
you a very beautiful and smart lady)))
Tsebay Atasnikov
Noo!.. It's me,very beautiful and smart lady! Aaaaa
Olenka Lyakhova
are you sure that you are lady?
Tsebay Atasnikov
Are you?
Alexander Glazkov
I'm? Who said that I'm LADY??
Alexey Syachkin
oh, so many Faces)))
Anastasia Sergeeva
a smoker)
Maria Petrova
a nice romantic girl)
what about me?
Anya Stankovskaya
may i suppose u like to travel..
Pavel Bobrovsky
girl in a rye)
Natasha Kuznetsova
you are handsome man))
Sovest Vot
Girl in pink
Natalia Baranova
Anastasia Sergeeva
Dana Olegovna
so-so, but i think that u are special.
Andrey Porozhnetov
so so many girls here)
Oksana Pavelko
and where is your photo?
Andrey Porozhnetov
it's more than my photo.. it's reflection of my soul=)
my photo in my profile;)
Nastya Dyakivnich
#107....you are white and fluffy
Andrey Porozhnetov
u too, i think)
Elda Mukaeva
you're smart, i think
Oksana Pavelko
very interesting person!
Margarita Varakina
Mikhail Kuznetsov
rat face
Lilia Khakimova
what about me?
Ekaterina Milevskaya
I think you are bossy)
Mikhail Kuznetsov
porno actress
#115 I love you so much my big umm ummm I have so big ummm love to you LOVE ME DO
Polina Sukhodeeva
Small but beautiful little squirrel
Воля Волчанов
Aygul Azamatova
probably you're very kind;)
Kristina Mitina
girl, who have fuckin' words smth like "ava bomba or etc
hate it
Regina Iskuzhina
haha)why?becouse you have no beauty?
i think u normal girl/
Kristina Mitina
I dont know how to describe you
maybe...girl who dont know how to writte a word "girl" =D
I hate pics and avatars with this fuckin' words and effects
like girl #120 has
Yulya Panich
Regina..I see your photo is very intresting.You like fly.You like hate and love.
Alina Aganina
So pretty girl)my first impression from you is so good!
Kirill Khorev
Olya Deryabina
handsome guy)
Natasha Gleb
beautiful and self-confident
Alexandr Boboshoev
if judge by your (sur)name, i think you precious...and a little imprudence...sry/
Katy Daniloff
You are funny black man))
Georgy Leontyev
girl flying in aerials... like it's something strange in you
don't remind me about lineage due to my avatar=) i just too lazy to change it to something good
Katy Daniloff
smile....) with me)
Georgy Leontyev
some of the messages are seem to disappear=)

katy, you're quite beautiful=) it seems, you get a pleasure from your life=)
Denis Burkov
MMORPG addict waiting for the New Year
Kirill Khorev
Something dark..and interesting.
Katerina Shenkhorova
Where do you watch?
Vika Perepelitsa
it is realy cold there
Tasha Belyaeva-Pichugina
looks like a bit naughty club girl;)
Natali Marso
so cheerful ))
Olenka Lyakhova
Summer girl )
Lyubashechka Yakimchuk
Particle of fire among winter)))
Denis Burkov
What are you staring at?
Vika Perepelitsa
beautiful nature round you
Valentin Mikheev
Вика. young self-righteous girl, who pretends to believe in God. still goes to school, probably. has a nice surname. 30% introvert. i wont marry you)
Roma Solodovnikov
Oh, what a f.......ing b......h
Faina Kutovaya
Margarita Voronkova
It seems like a two boys from the TV, i like they =)
Alexander Gor
You have a good smile!
Vika Perepelitsa
cheerful and kind probably)))
Alexander Gor
i think you very young!
Andrey Poteryayko
O, Rabbit! It's so funny:) :) :) I think you too ;)
Valentin Mikheev
playing with razors. this girl is baaad, this girl is dangerous) (c)
Andrey Poteryayko
Seraf... I dont know what's mean words like blood & bully... :) I'm kind girl, it's true.
Elda Mukaeva
it's a dangerous person))
Andrey Poteryayko
And what I must to say about YOU?... You are more dangerous:) :) :)
Valentin Mikheev
must to
Ekaterina Telitsina
it's something like a suicide and eternal question - "to be or not to be?"
Ekaterina Telitsina
I'm late((
Olya Dudchenko
You are green princess))
Alyona Bauer
You are look like a ballerina))
Ekaterina Telitsina
It's a melancholy...
Vika Perepelitsa
that is something sad snd strange
Andrey Danilov
Your are girl in the darkness!)
Andrey Poteryayko
Andrea feels in warm! Nice hat:)
Andrey Danilov
Thanks) I'm Russian mafia)))
Svetlana Sayondzi
Теперь меня)
Dmitry Fyodorov
Very boutifal asian girl
Sergey Kolonin
original foto, with positive)
Olenka Lyakhova
Very interesting icon, I don't know how you look in true, but it's very believable... I very respect the person, who did this picture )
Elizaveta Skryabina
beautiful lady, nice eyes.
good foto:)
Andrey Poteryayko
Black-white photo! I like it. I think youre like entertainment? :)
Dankhayaa Khovalyg
you have a creative photo, i think you are very hilarious lady,
your avatar so...bold and amusing. :)
Anyuta Kazantseva
You quiet and nice girl)
Kamilla Kuandykova
Asel Tastanbekova
bright and positive!
Andrey Poteryayko
I think you are positive and light person.

#173 THANK YOU:)
Marieta Biboletova
Vika Perepelitsa
I think that you are sport girl)))
Andrey Poteryayko
I think, you're like entertainment, and you're slightly bich... SEXY bich :)
Irina Chuprina
nice and cool ))
Maxim Gostilin
very serious and strict!:)
Oleg Fadeev
Your foto is funny
Elvira Akhmetzyanova
strong maybe brave young men with awful tattooes
Marta Mazur-Pudzhalo
№ 184 you like a girl who intrested black magic. I am right?
Mikhail Pryanikov
I'll continue.
Funny girl with long blond hair and superbly pretty face:)
Besides she has so astonish name.
Oleg Khudoleev
bad boy
Maria Ivchik
Mr.Ribak you are realy bad, bad boy!
Marta Mazur-Pudzhalo
#188 cool & nice picture.
Anastasia Rudova
beautiful and positive person with charm smile )
Nastya Sheps
Artem Duplinsky
a greenish field with two gloomy loving folks
Alice Zakharchenko
A positive guy, whose life is full of happiness +)
Am I right?)
Katya Moskovchenko
Beautiful girl I think. And long hair... I like it!!!
Svetlana Sayondzi
Very charming and misteriouse lady))
Vika Perepelitsa
it is beautiful)))
Vadim Sitaylo
it is beautiful)))
Alina Ershova
You is nice
Savely Saveliy
so u are brunet and not so original. usuel girl:D
Natalya Sapozhnikova
Saveliy - funny & extreme foto )
lol :)))
Elena Tonn
photo lady in the New Year frame
Oleg Samokhotkin
Dmitry Kalentyev
cool guy)
Oleg Samokhotkin
And you, too =)
Vika Perepelitsa
beautiful smily)))))
Oleg Samokhotkin
what is your name?=)))
Maria Mikityuk
my name is Mary and what is your naame???
Маша Рослякова
anime =)
Oleg Samokhotkin
Mary, my name is Oleg;)
Oleg Fadeev
perhaps you have served in the Navy
Eleonora Garanina
wtf)))))lots of gopnics))))
Luiza Ionova
Pretty...like Katy Perry
Kirill Komissarov
What? It's a wonderful
Dilyara Khayrullina
Oh, he's superman:)
Alime Dzhaparova
Beautiful, nice girl)
Yulia Shlyapnikova
cute young lady))
F. Sherfedinova
pretty blond with amazing smile)
Ilona Chernykh
you are a rabbit and a tiger) both are very pretty and cute))
Baster Kiton
which one?)

both of you are beautiful)
F. Sherfedinova
oh thanks)
with the rabbit ears :D
Yulia Shlyapnikova
wild and cunning girls))
F. Sherfedinova
yeah , u're right ^^
Lyudmila Bespalova
funny and interesting girl)
Vika Perepelitsa
Sabina Mamedova
Yulia Shlyapnikova
mmm enigmatic))
Sabina, I've noticed you study at Cambridge University (is it true?:) ) Do you know Rachel Baker?
Andrey Epishin
Beautiful girl with long and fair hair. :)
Anna Dyakiv
Nice and interesting)
Demis Konoplev
girl in LOve)) very nice
Vika Perepelitsa
that's realy cool photo))
Anastasia Fridrikova
You have interesting features and I like the color of your hair :)
Anna Prudilko
Very nice photo)
Yulia Lotsmanova
Snowman. Fuck, I hate snowmans. They are cold.

My english does not very good. Sorry.
Alexey Vdovtsev
Interesting photo)
Tonya Bakhir
cool photo
Violetta Filatova
snow bitch)
Ksenia Zaytseva
milk chocolate with curles)
Andrey Zimin
straight black haired girl with beautiful face
Vika Perepelitsa
Oh....santa claus)))
Tusya Tusya
Alexandra Bussel
Туся Туся, You`re kind. There is a holiday spirit from this picture)))
Anna Sklyar
Very cute and funny girl!
Anya Egorova
Ame seems to be positive an kind.and...loves coffee I suppose:)
Yulia Shlyapnikova
a small panda inside a cup of coffe))
Yulia Shlyapnikova
oooops)) I'm late
Anya Egorova
Юлия...good-looking, glamourous, a blonde, but not inside!))
Tatyana Stavskaya
You are beautiful girl
Lada Trimasova
You are elegant.
Yulia Shlyapnikova
you look curious)
Alexander Shchetinin
you so fucking hot baby....
Vita Isaeva
good, pleasant young man.
Alinka Shvets
Who is Vita?
Vita Isaeva
I do not know
Anushik Movsesyan
very passionate...
Vita Isaeva
Lena Ilina
Alinka Shvets
Your lips are nice
Alisa Sapsanova
You so pozitive)
Karolina Brechko
you are so green:)
Anna Tikhonova
you are like a traffic light =))
Morgan Stanley
two girls with camera
Alinka Shvets
Oh, my God, again the same :( where are you Ann?
Alinka Shvets
Yury Kozlovich
wonderful smile
Alinka Shvets
nice view
Anna Lutovinova
cute girl
Alinka Shvets
Very young girl
Kostya Dubrov
What about me????
Alinka Shvets
You are so white :)
Alisa Sapsanova
Nice woman)
Alinka Shvets
wonderful name
Marina Kamilina
nice avatar)
Anna Makshantseva
Pretty Cool Girl =)
Asya Cherkasova
very sunny girl :)
Sveta Kukushkina
mirrow,will you tell me....))
Kostya Dubrov
mirrow, mirrow on the wall tell me who is the fariest in the world?
Of course, me.
Kostya Dubrov
Does anyone have doubts?
Eduard Gulkevich
Don't know...!
Kristina Kozhemyakina
No comments,no doubts.....
Dasha Vasilkova
Dasha Vasilkova
I have a normal acci?
Vika Belobrov
Dasha Vasilkova
thanks, you too cool)
Yulia Sharomova
You are fascination)))
Dasha Vasilkova
Yulia Sharomova
Denis Burkov
Shoot. WHat a background
Leonid Smirnov
I can`t see his face. Maybe he`s criminal. Or El Mariachi.
Artemy Shumsky
Are you a rocker?
Ira Lyakhevich
Do you like NY?
Luiza Ionova
just Mickey )
Tatyana Gladchenko
You are very attractive))
Vika Perepelitsa
simple pretty)))
Darya Kostina
You're cute
Dasha Vasilkova
you are super too! =*
Lena Ilina
new year`s girl)
Maria Mikityuk
яб написала -снегурочка но забыла как ето пишется наанглийсском,(( так что винтер вумен пусть будет))))))
Luiza Ionova
Anna Bekker
Lena Ilina
Denis Burkov
a person showing a bottle of perfume. why?
Marina Fankeshina
dark, face is not visible
Alla Kolesnikova
Oh! Nika! You a bad girl!))
Dasha Vasilkova
Maria Frolova
Victoria Doshchenko
Khristina Mytsyk
nice. stylish...
with a beautiful hair
Sasha Vasin
The big eye looks at me
Yulia Sharomova
You love to play guitar
Khristina Mytsyk
you are so fragile..........
Kostya Dubrov
You are starring at me , so stop doing it!
Khristina Mytsyk
I'm not looking at you!!! please stop arise...........
Kostya Dubrov
You are shaseing me! nowhere to hide
Kostya Dubrov
O! You changed your starring eye to nice pritty face!
Khristina Mytsyk
oh!!thank you
Kostya Dubrov
Not at all
Katerina Velichko
so, who are we describing now?
Victoria Doshchenko
bonny girl with long eyelashes and nice eyebrows
Alinka Shvets
Smart girl
Ivanka Kishenya
very pretty, like Aphrodite

Alinka Shvets
Very funny :)
Taras Kormosh
Are you question-mark?
Denis Burkov
a good background - two blondes
Taras Kormosh

you look like a black monster
Natalia Bulgakova
Hi there, did anyone notice that the tests (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate) on the site begin-english.ru are giving the wrong answers??? Not all, but some of them. Let me find some examples...
Natalia Bulgakova

Alison has worked for a month without a day off — she ________be exhausted.
The answer should be "must", but the site says "might".

I know he speaks French, German and Italian so he ________ be Swiss.
The answer should be "could", but the site says "can't"

Leo’s French isn’t very good. He ____it for very long.
The answer should be "hasn't been learning", but the site says "has been learning"

Do you know ______ this train goes to Cardiff?
The answer should be "if", but the site says "does"

The interviewer asked _____ drive.
The answer should be "if I could", but the site says "can I"

I want to watch the television news. Could you _______ , please?
The answer should be "turn it on", but the site says "look it up"

You must try that restaurant. The food is _______.
The answer should be "absolutely delicious", but the site says "very delicious"
Patrick Russ
well....for the first one, how do you know she is exhausted? She might not be exhausted......

The rest of them are wrong with the exception of the last....."Absolutely and very"....well, it all depends on what the person thought of the food. They are both grammatically correct.
Natalia Bulgakova

I don’t think you _______stay out late
The answer should be "should", but the site says "must"

Is coffee ___ in Kenya?
The answer should be "grown", but the site says "grew"

‘Is a lot of paper wasted in your office? ‘____’.
The answer should be "Yes, it is", but the site says "Yes, it was"

Ed is tired because he ______ all night.
The answer should be "has been working", but the site says "hasn't worked"

You’ve got a lot of bags. ____ you _____?
The answer should be "have/been shopping", but the site says "Do/go shopping"

‘Had they met Kathy before the party‘. ‘Yes, ______’.
The answer should be "they had", but the site says "she had"

Naples is _____ an exciting city.
The answer should be "such", but the site says "so"

Can you _____ a photo of us, please?
The answer should be "take", but the site says "make"
Patrick Russ
Yeah, that's all f-ed up.
Natalia Bulgakova
Thank you for the correction. However, I still think that the answer should be "must", because I've never heard "might" in such a strong statement. The whole point of the statement is to say that she "must" be exhausted. Regarding the last one: in 90% percent of instances people either say just "delicious" or "absolutely delicious". "Delicious" is a very strong word, so to say "very delicious" is the same as to say "very perfect".
I'm not a native English speaker, but I've lived in London for 10 years
Pavel Desyatnik
Patrick Russ
Yeah, I agree with you. I was just playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion.

I actually would use "might" in that scenario - due to my personality. It's more tongue in cheek to say "might". It's only obvious to assume that someone would be exhausted after working all month with no day off. You are correct in that example - Must is the right word.

Just my 2 cents.
Natalia Bulgakova
You ________ worry so much, you’ll make yourself ill.
The answer should be "shouldn't", but the site says "must"

It was only in Australia for a week so he _______ seen a lot.
To start with, the sentence should start with "He". The answer should be "couldn't have", but the site says "shouldn't have"

Sorry, but I don’t know what you are getting __
The answer should be "at", but the site says "on"
Just Me
Natalia, I agree about using "must" as a right answer in that sentence.
About "very delicious" and "absolutely delicious"... sorry, but Patrick is right. They are both grammatically correct. Just "delicious" can be used as an option as well. ))) As far as I know, those tests are the British version of English language.
Natalia Bulgakova
Just Me:

No, I don't think so. "Delicious" is an example of an "ungradable adjective". To say "very delicious" is the same as to say "very ideal", "very freezing" or "very enormous."

I'm talking about British version of English language.
Natalia Bulgakova
By the way, thank you, Patrick!
Just Me
Oh! Sorry, I was talking about American English.))) Because in US people say: "very delicious, absolutely delicious or (just) delicious". All these ways to describe an impression about food are correct. (in USA)
Patrick Russ
Yeah, no problem.

I can only comment on backwards American English. I know if you say "very delicious" in America, no one will look at you funny. :)
Natalia Bulgakova
I'm sorry, guys, maybe I'm just too pedantic :)))
Just Me
me too ;-)... sometimes :)))))
Patrick Russ
No reason to be sorry :) You're fine, don't worry. Your English is damn near perfect.
Natalia Bulgakova
I'm flattered... :)))
Yulia Sharomova
You have a stunning dress, lovely hair, expressive eyes ... and you are very similar to the actress)
Oleg Samokhotkin
Surely you badly know English =))
Ekaterina Shkolyarenko
you've got fair hair, large brown eyes,small nose and good-looking lips.
this girl has got a black dress on...

she is very interesting, beautiful, lovely and tall, slim.
Anara Helloway
you're an interesting and funny
girl ))
Aychechek Poposheva
She is very beautiful
Irina Brezgina
you are definitely very curious about everything!
Sheyh-Islyam Beshplav
Ivanka Kishenya
something... mmm.. look like in style retro
Ilya Senin
you are strangе girl
Sheyh-Islyam Beshplav
Yulia Shlyapnikova
black & white. closer to the heaven))
Alexandra Bussel
Somewhere at cinema. You`re very fashionable girl)
Yuliya Zrazhevskaya
you are prettty girl! :)))
Baster Kiton
you're a good-looking girl
Alisa Dubovik
To my mind, you are very nice,Бастер)
Yulia Shlyapnikova
cute young girl) natural beauty!))
Yulia Shlyapnikova
to Alexandra: thanx)) I'm at the cinema, you're right))
Yulia Sharomova
to Oleg: I'm just still learning)
Alisa Dubovik
to Юлия Шляпникова
thank you very much)))
Olya Slepukhina
nice smile, beautiful eyes
Irina Kopteva
funny and very nice girl
Vika Perepelitsa
your dress is realy nice)))
Baster Kiton
You're a beautiful girl with a nice toy in your hands))
Анна Чалова
you are a sad lonely young man who have nobody to take pictures of
Yulia Shlyapnikova
winter smiling face))
Irina Kopteva
you are really pretty girl)
Kristina Andreeva
You're fantastic girl with lively eyes)
Kristina Golovchuk
how can I describe you if your face is not visible?
but I think you're cute:)
Roman Silaev
kidding, smiling, nice, pretty, witch hand-play...kitten :)
Irina Kopteva
You very unusual and mysterious)
Ksenia Zaytseva
pretty, thoughtful girl with beautiful thick hair)
Sheyh-Islyam Beshplav
in the gap)))
Yulia Fomina
Very nice phrase! I agree with it)
Alexander Mirskikh
Yulia Shlyapnikova
the guy with a guitar, playing in the dark
Roman Silaev
demure, as i can see great body form and not bad body forms :) , elegant and cute dress looking just fine and special, stylish, nice coulomb
Leysan Ishmurzina
Очень хочу научиться английскому языку,научите меня,пожалуйста! В школе изучала немецкий!
Yulia Shlyapnikova
to Ngree: mm, thanks) so detailed
Vitaly Shalashov
an ordinary woman
Imran Sayfullah
who can do it with mine? don't be shy )
Peter Bessonov
i dont know...
Valeria Antonova
unussual))what is on profile picture?
Sergey Semilovsky
so serious
Maria Mavrova
Good, very nice scarf
Valeria Antonova
very modern))a good taste
Maria Mavrova
Рretty, but a little serious
Valeria Antonova
I am))
Irina Kopteva
a nice girl with bright eyes
Mikhail Bulgakov
OOO!!!You so beautiful......Its true=)
Anastasia Efimova
Very nice guy)))
Anna Makshantseva
very pretty girl
Yulia Lotsmanova
the beautiful fringe

Sorry, my English is not very good
Alexandra Novikova
Green is so amazing film)
Yulia Lotsmanova
This is the Grinch. Or Am I mistaken?
Alexandra Novikova
yes...i had done a mistake)
Igor Grot
pretty girl))
Olenka Lyakhova
Club boy )
Yulia Shlyapnikova
crazy girl in a shopping trolley))
Igor Grot

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