The Past Continuous

The Past Continuous отвечает на вопрос: "Что был делающим?"


1) Говорим о действии которое продолжалось в определенный момент в прошлом (при выяснении того, чем занимался человек в определенный промежуток времени).

What were you doing between 8 and 9 last Sunday?
I was eating breakfast.
I was swimming in the pool at 4 о 'clock this morning. I couldn 't sleep.
We were waiting in the blistering cold when he finally arrived.
What were you doing at 7:30 on Thursday evening?
I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was reading an encyclopedia.
I was killing mosquitoes at 2 о 'clock in the morning.
This time yesterday we were playing pool in my mansion.

2) Говорим о фоновом действии, когда в предложении есть два одновременных действия в прошлом, одно из которых процесс, а другое действие вторгается в этот процесс.

The telephone rang when we were watching TV.
While we were driving from Rome to Milan, our bus broke down.
I saw my school teacher when he was standing in the rain as a sandwich-man.
He stepped on his glasses as he was looking for them.

3) Употребляется в художественном тексте описательного характера.

I was driving now through the narrow dirty streets of the eastern suburbs of Cairo. I didn't know precisely where I was going.

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