Устойчивые выражения с примерами

1) about to (do something) — быть готовым сделать что-либо; что-либо вот-вот будет сделано
I was about to answer his question when the door bell rang.

2) according to (someone or something) — согласно кому-то или чему-то; в соответствии, в порядке, соразмерно с чем-либо

According to the forecast, there will be no rain next week.
The company did everything according to the conditions of the contract.

3) account for (something) — предоставлять объяснение или ответ на что-либо
High prices account for the fact that very few people can buy a house.

4) after all — в конце концов, в конечном счёте; ведь
“You don’t have to ask him. After all, he never asks you.”

5) all of a sudden — вдруг, без предупреждения
All of a sudden, it started to rain.

6) as a matter of fact — фактически, на самом деле, в сущности, по правде сказать, собственно говоря, по сути дела
“As a matter of fact, we have seen this film many times.”

7) as far as — поскольку, насколько
As far as I know the museum opens in June.

8) as for — что касается, что до
“As for me, I think that I will have another cup of tea.”

9) as if — как будто, будто, словно, как если бы
The coffee tastes as if it was made without sugar.

10) as long as — - пока; до тех пор, пока; так как, если, поскольку, раз
“As long as you know grammar well I won’t fail your exam.”

11) as soon as — как только, когда
I phoned my friend as soon as I arrived in town.

12) as to — в отношении; что касается
“As to your enquiry, I will be able to answer it in two days.”

13) as well — также, тоже, с таким же успехом
I want to take up photography this year as well.

14) as well as (someone or something) — так же как, а также; заодно и
“Please take your textbook as well as your copybook.”

15) back and forth — взад и вперёд; на все лады, снова и снова; туда и обратно
The discussion went back and forth before we were able to make a decision.

16) better off — быть в лучшем положении, чем прежде
I will be better off when I sell my old house and buy a new one.

17) break down (something) — разделять что-либо на части; распадаться (на части)
If you want to succeed try to break the problem down into manageable pieces and analyze them.

18) break up — расстаться, разделиться, положить конец чему-либо
During our classes the teacher usually breaks us up into small groups.

19) by the way — кстати, между прочим
“By the way, could you please borrow me your laptop computer?”

20) carry out (something) — приводить в исполнение, выполнять, осуществлять что-либо
Before discussing the results of our experiment, they decided to carry out some tests.

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