Немного идиом на английском

1) feather in one cap — предмет гордости
A new television series will be another feather in his cap.

2) when pigs fly — после дождичка в четверг
I think that my friend will finish his university degree when pigs fly.

3) сool as a cucumber — невозмутимый, хладнокровный, спокойный как танк
Even when I cried he stayed as cool as a cucumber.
Bill is a good football quarterback, always cool as a cucumber.

4) like a bull in a china shop — как слон в посудной лавке
You re not going to go storming in there like a bull in a china shop, are you?

5) be on cloud nine — быть на седьмом небе от счастья
I've been on cloud nine all day long. 
The newly weds seemed to be on cloud nine. 

6) lame duck — неудачник, бедолага
The prospect of his daughter’s life being spent among lame ducks worried him.

7) storm in a teacup — буря в стакане воды
Well, It's just a storm in a teacup, baby.

8) to make a mountain out of a molehill — делать их мухи слона
Calm down. There's really nothing to worry about. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

9) to let the cat out of the bag — выдать секрет, проболтаться
It was going to be a surprise party until someone let the cat out of the bag.

10) to put a cat among the pigeons — вызвать переполох
Who will be the one to put the cat among the pigeons now ?

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