Aлфавит из идиом

ANTSY — impatient, forgety, жарг. беспокойный, дерганый
Waiting for his report card made James feel more antsy every day.

BROKE — out of money, bankrupt, на мели, без денег
I'm broke, could you lend me a dollar?

CHICKEN — сowardly, frightened, трусливый.
Go ahead, righ the doorbell... or are you chicken?

DRAG ONE'S FEET — stalling, delaying a task that one does not want to do, волочить ноги, неохотно делать.
Quit dragging your feet and get your homework done!

EGGHEAD — over-intellectual person, интеллектуал, умник.
That egghead Yolanda skipped lunch to study maths.

FENDER-BENDER — a small car accident, мелкая дорожная авария
Don't worry about the van, Dad, just a fender-bender.

GRAB A BITE — get and eat a quick meal, перекусить.
Bob wanted to grab a bite to eat.

HAVE ONE'S HANDS FULL — be busy with several things at once, иметь работы по горло.
The mother has her hands full with the two young children. Мать полностью занята двумя своими детьми.

INSIDE OUT — reserved, with the inside on the inside, наизнанку.
Everything he wore was inside out.

JUMP THE GUN — to do smth too early, преждевременно стартовать; опережать события;
The idiom Jump the gun has its roots in an athlete starting a race before the starting pistol is fired. It refers to someone or to an act when it is started earlier than expected or when something is spoken without required thinking.

KEEP AN EYE ON — to watch closely, быть настороже, следить
Keep an eye on the stove in case the coffee boils.

LEND A HAND — aid another with a task
Grandma, could you lend us a hand with this air conditioner?

MUSIC TO ONE'S EARS — favourable news, a pleasing statement, бальзам на душу
Hearing that he would start the game was music to his ears.

NUKE IT — heat it on the microwave, подогревать в микроволновке.
When we are in a hurry, we nuke some beef.

OVER ONE'S HAND — too hard to understand, трудно понять.
Mrs. Kim laughed, even if the joke was over her hand.

PLASTIC — credit card, debit card, банковская карта.
I had no cash, so I whipped out the plastic and paid.

QUITE A FEW — a fairly large quantity, довольно много, немало.
Birdie ate quite a few apple tarts and became sick.

RAINING CATS AND DOGS — льет как из ведра.
STEP ON IT — hurry, cпешить.

TEACHER'S PET — a student known as the teacher's favourite, любимчик.

UNDER THE WEATHER — sick, feeling well, хандрить.

VANISH INTO THIN AIR -disappear suddenly without warning, и след простыл, в воду канул.

WHITE LIE — a small, harmless untruth. Невинная ложь, ложь во спасение.
Х marks the spot — поставить крестик на месте находки

YOU BET YOUR LIFE ( your bottom dollar) — you can be sure, cпорим, быть уверенным
Bet my bottom dollar you can’t swim across the pool.

ZIP YOUR LIP — be quiet, keep a secret. Закрыть рот на замок.

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