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Written in the stars

Топик Предначертано звездами повествует о неожиданной встрече двух одиноких людей, уже не веривших, что судьба подарит им любовь. И пусть эта встреча и произошла при трагических обстоятельствах, но если «предначертано звездами», она состоится, рано или поздно.

She was a nurse in a local hospital. He was a fireman and he risked his life almost every day. They didn't know each other, but their acquaintance was written in the stars.

Ted was a widower. He lost his wife and his lovely daughter in a terrible fire ten years ago. He lost everything that he had, that he loved. And now he lived at his old parents' place, as he lost not only his family but also his house in that fire. After the accident, he decided to become a fireman. He had been studying for four years and finally he got a qualification. Since then his job was to save other people's lives but the only person, that he tried but he couldn't save, was himself. He was dying of loneliness and darkness in his exhausted soul.

Stella had been single for a long time. All her friends said to her that she was too choosy about men. But she didn't care.

That August day was an ordinary one. Stella was at work. But suddenly she heard shouts and caught the awful smell of burning. Her first thought was: "This is the end!" She tried to save patients but it was too late – the building was in fire. Then…she fainted and when Stella opened her eyes, she saw him: his face was dirty and black from soot but it didn't matter because she could see his kind eyes and then…darkness again.

Stella woke up in a ward. Her first thought was: "Congratulate you, Stella. You have become a patient!" The next moment a stranger was coming into her ward, she didn't know him…but his eyes… Their acquaintance was written in the stars.

(by Natasha Gonchar)