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What Will Be There in My New Flat

В топике Что будет в моей новой квартире – я делюсь своими планами о будущей жизни в моей собственной квартире. Я хочу 3-х комнатную квартиру, просторную и удобную, с множеством красивых и удобных вещей. Я мечтаю о гостиной, где я буду принимать своих друзей, у меня будет свой собственный кабинет с библиотекой, и еще я обязательно куплю пианино и стану брать уроки музыки.

Every young man wants to live independently. And I'm not an exception. Of course, the time will come, when I will alone in my flat. I wait for this moment and imagine, that my new flat will be at least three roomed. There will be a study, a bed-room, a dinning-room. Of course, there also will be a kitchen and a bathroom. The dinning- room will be a big comfortable room with a big table in the center. There also will be several armchairs, and a big TV set in it. In this room I shall receive guests. I also shall put a piano in one of the corners of the room and shall start taking piano lessons because I like this musical instrument very much.

The bed-room will become my favorite one because it is a room of rest where everybody can spend several hours without noise and fuss. There I shall put my PC that helps me very much.

Another room – study will be the place where I shall do all my work. There will be a large table full of papers and several shelves. I am going to gather a big collection of books, so they won't stay empty.

That's how I imagine my future flat. I hope that these dreams will become true.

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