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What Makes a Person Educated

В топике Что делает человека образованным – я рассказываю о роли школы, занятий в клубах по интересам, образовательных экскурсий, книг, самообразования, прессы и телевидения, институтов и университетов - в образовании и расширении границ интеллекта человека. Считаю, что кроме всего этого, человек, стремящийся стать действительно образованным, должен обладать такими качествами, как внимательность, трудолюбие и упорство. Образованный человек всегда выберет и устроится на хорошую работу, сделает блестящую карьеру, ведь образование – это большое преимущество.

Of course we get education at school. The activities of the school day afford different chances for pupil's self-perfection. They provide many opportunities for deeper study and developing our talents. But school lays only the base, the foundation of our education. Here we get only necessary knowledge and after graduating the school we can continue studying in the universities, institutes or somewhere else.

Not only school makes us educated persons. Reading books and press is also very important. It enriches our outlook, broadens the boundaries of our intellect, and offers the opportunities to read the latest news and political discussions. TV also gives us wonderful and effective possibilities for education. Due to mass media we become better informed by watching documentaries, science programs and discussions.

It is the principal role of after-school activities to deepen our knowledge in different subjects. Besides regular schools there are a lot of clubs, where children get education and good habits. There are different groups, where children can succeed in the field they are particularly interested in. Art clubs, Drama and History clubs and groups, studying foreign languages are among them. Educational excursions can be also useful in developing the pupil's intellect. Nature hikes help to explore the world around us.

To my mind if we want to be successful in our studies we must have the number of positive qualities of character. First of all we have to be attentive at the lessons. Attention always helps to acquire profound knowledge and to understand the material better. To make progress in all subjects we should be hard-working and persistent persons. Strong-willed and industrious people can stand up all difficulties and hardships and they have a purpose in life. So if we want to be well educated, we ought to have all these qualities in ourselves, only in these conditions we can succeed in our studies.

I think that all people should be educated, because it is very useful and important. Educated persons are always ready to find a good job, they usually have a bright career. Besides, it is also much better to talk to educated, cultured and extraordinary person. I consider knowledge to be the really great power and that is why we must always increase it.