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Thomas Alva Edison

Most people know that Thomas Edison invented the first working light bulb, but they don't know anything else about him. Edison had almost no formal schooling, yet he invented over 1000 different things. Among Edison's inventions are: the phonograph (record player), the movie camera and the movie projector.

Thomas Edison invented his electric light bulb in 1879, but there was still much work to do. No one knew how to use electricity outside of laboratory before Thomas Edison. He and his workers had to create a safe electric system. First they had to build a factory. Then they had to build the dynamos to make the electricity. Next they had to build electric lines.

To show people that he was serious, Edison began his project in New York City. By 1887, most part of New York City was electrified. Edison founded the Edison Electric Light Company and continued to supply electricity to New York and other places.

Thomas Edison lived until 1931. He continued to invent all his life. After the War, he tried to invent a substitute for rubber because of the shortage that the war caused.

Thomas Edison was a true genius, but he never went to a college or university. The only time Edison attended school was when he was 7 years old. He stayed for 3 months and never returned. Thomas Edison was a school dropout, yet he became one of America's most famous and most honoured people.

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