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The Working Day of an Engineer

В топике Рабочий день инженера – я рассказываю о своем друге, инженере, работающем в одном из офисов Владивостока. Он работает по будням, его рабочий день длится 8 часов, в течение которых мой друг встречается с зарубежными специалистами, помогает начинающим инженерам, отвечает на запросы с других предприятий. Дмитрий очень любит свою работу, ведь она помогла ему раскрыть все его таланты. Мой друг – хороший специалист, очень коммуникабельный человек, прекрасный переводчик и хороший товарищ.

One of my friends, Dmitry Shevelev, lives in Vladivostok now though he was born in Nakhodka. Some years ago he graduated from the one of our institutions and became an engineer. Now he lives near his office. He usually walks there. He works on weekdays. I can't say that he works hard, but all his mates like him because he is a good mixer or, as you may say, he is very communicable person. He doesn't work on Saturday or Sunday. His working day usually lasts for eight hours. His duties are to answer all incoming letters and calls, to meet with different specialists, to help junior engineers. He often tells me that he likes his job. I usually meet him after the work and we speak about life. He is very glad that he found such work where he can show all his talents. Though there is a difference between our ages, we have much in common. He is among my best friends.

By the way, my friend knows English very well (he finished school #13). It helps him a lot as every year various foreign delegations come to their office. These delegations change different technologies with our specialists and discuss many problems. All foreigners thought Shevelev to be the best translator in their institute.

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