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The problems of teenagers (5)

Топик Проблемы подростков (5) рассказывает о тех трудностях, с которыми сталкиваются молодые люди в начале жизненного пути, хотя считается, что молодость – самое счастливое время. У подростков проблемы иногда возникают «просто ниоткуда». Часты конфликты с родителями, сомневающимися в своих детях; возникают трудности с выбором будущей профессии и хорошего образования – поэтому нужно прикладывать много усилий, чтобы хорошо закончить школу. Эмоции у подростков играют главную роль: приходит и заканчивается первая любовь, старые друзья отдаляются, и молодые люди могут остаться в одиночестве. И все-таки, все лучшее происходит именно в юности, которой надо успеть насладиться.

Our age is so strange. We know that we are on the way to become adults. But this way is so hard. And we teenagers usually stay alone with our thoughts, because nobody even we ourselves understand what is happening around us. There are a lot of problems – that is what we know exactly. And problems are everywhere and we cannot expect why and where they come from. This is very difficult time though some people think that it is the best time. And what is more it's hard to stay quite and calm. Every young generation has more complicated problems than previous. And maybe nowadays teenagers have more problems then other generations.

And this difference awakes misunderstandings with parents. Sometimes it seems that our parents are too tiresome and dull in their demands. And also they often interfere into our life. Parents always say that we are lazy and can't do anything except rest. Moreover they give not much money, and we hardly can find a job because in our age we cannot be responsible for money of firm or do some kinds of job. And there is a great problem: parents also always doubt in our independence.

Our age – is time of making a choice what we will be in future, what we want to do and how. So we have to choose the university to have better education and future profession. If you have a good education you'll be always perfect at you profession and of coarse you'll earn more money, make your life better.

And the best way to prepare is to study better at school. The school ages are also very difficult. We do a lot of homework and even have no time to go for a walk or do whatever we want. Another problem in school – marks. And we try to do our best to have good marks. But our parents never like them.

And for boys there is such problem like conscription. And nowadays it' Also nowadays a problem of drugs is very actual. A lot of teenagers have drug addiction. And sometimes they use drugs not because of that they want. And it often leads to bad ends. Moreover, you may have problems with health.

Emotional problems for young people can be far more difficult than financial ones. The typical teenager problem is that "nobody understands me". Youth is also the time to meet your first love. It is of coarse wonderful but as it is widely known that first love often has an unhappy end. This also increases young people's problems. Even friends cannot always stay friends when young people begin to understand themselves a little bit better old friends sometimes just grow apart. And sometimes you have problems in communicating with each other and you even stay alone.

So as you see it's very difficult to be young nowadays as indeed it always was. But you only can be young ones and some wonderful things can happen to you only when you're young. So it's better to enjoy youth while it lasts.

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