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Топик Пресса рассказывает, какие газеты и журналы издаются в Великобритании, и как они удовлетворяют вкусы и выбор своих читателей. Наряду с «серьезными» газетами, публикующими статьи о внешней и внутренней политике, доклады политических обозревателей и комментаторов, новости и отчеты по бизнесу, промышленности и культуре, существуют и «популярные» газеты, которые носят развлекательный характер. Такие газеты более красочны, в них много фотографий, сенсационных материалов, рубрик о моде, кулинарии, диетах и т.п.

Everywhere, everyday exciting things are happening. Each day is filled with news. How are people kept informed?

The press, radio and television keep people informed on all topical issues of the day. The press has great political influence. You can get a lot of useful information from newspaper reports. If you are a regular reader of the press you will be well informed about all matters. Newspapers publish articles on home and foreign affairs. Reports by political observers and commentators help us to get useful information on international and domestic issues. Most newspapers come out daily. The reader's questions, opinions and suggestions, which they send in letters to the editor, help to improve the newspaper and make it more interesting.

The British are great newspaper readers. Newspapers are often thought of as either "qualities" or "popular". The "qualities" give serious accounts of the news and reports on business matters, industry and culture. They are usually large-sized.

The "quality" papers, like The Times, The Guardian and others, are directed at readers who want full information on a wide range of public matters. "Popular" newspapers appeal to people wanting news of a more entertaining character. They are usually with lots of illustrations. Some populars, like The Sun, are note for their sensational stories and photographs. Some newspapers come out only on Sundays:

"Qualities": The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times

"Popular": Sunday Express, Sunday Mirror

Many newspapers are printed in color, as the part of Sunday or Saturday paper. They provide reading material about clothes, cooking, diet, the house and home.

There is a wide variety of magazines in Britain. Their titles show that cater for tastes and interests: British Chess Magazine, Homes and Gardens, Country Life, Do-it-yourself.

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