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The Only Child in a Family

Топик Единственный ребенок в семье - рассказывает о преимуществах и недостатках того, что в семье воспитывается лишь один ребенок. Если ребенок – единственный, то все свое внимание родители уделяют только ему, заботятся о его образовании и, по некоторым данным, такому ребенку легче стать лидером в его будущей взрослой жизни. С другой стороны, в многодетных семьях с детства прививается дух солидарности, взаимопонимания и умения ладить с другими детьми, что необходимо и во взрослой жизни. Поэтому дети из таких семей легче сходятся с разными людьми и успешно строят с ними отношения. Также, родители нескольких детей могут быть уверены, что в трудную минуту им будет помогать не один, а сразу несколько их повзрослевших детей.

I'm the only child in the family and I like it. Of course I'm spoilt a little but it doesn't disturb me. The attention is all mine, consequently I'm the apple of my parent's eyes. I feel lucky, and my friends are jealous because of my single state, particularly because I don't have to share a bedroom. It's an advantage. You get undivided attention from your parents. Being alone made me close to animals but it also made me quite demanding. If you don't have sisters or brothers you need friends and so I tried hard to make them, I am good at making them still and such experience is very useful nowadays.

It may be true that an only child is spoilt, but, believe me, there are occasions on which you wish there was a brother or sister to share problems, but when you solve you problems yourself you tend to become strong and rational person, and it's better to spend more time in the company of adults than with your contemporaries. I've seen a lot of big families where were two or more children in a family and most of my friends have brothers or sisters. And I didn't make up my mind and think that it's better to be the only child then the other way round. I suppose that only people who have a good financial situation or are rich can afford more than one child. Cause in the other way they'll make a great mistake.

Most of specialists suppose that only in a family with one child a real leader can be born and educate. In the former situation parents usually believe in his possibilities, praise him for small successes and reward his good deeds. Thus he becomes self-centered and conceited. He is greedy for money.

In the latter situation parents are overprotective, underestimating their child's skills and talents and often criticizing his efforts to be independent. Thus he is not sure of his real value.

His start into adult life seems to be easier when we take into consideration welfare, comfort and living standards. But from the point of view of maturity his start is more difficult as he becomes independent later than his friends of the same age and sometimes cannot solve simple problems at work because so far his parents have always done it for him.

Responsible parents should know that family is the first little community where the personality of a child develops and if there are more than three in the family the children can learn in a more natural and easy way how to cope with every day problems and learn to compromise in an argument, as well as understand others and love them. It is much more difficult to bring up the only child as the process of teaching him the terms of living in a society is rather artificial. In their books, educational films, and therapy meetings, psychologists give a lot of positive evidence that multi-children families provide a better psychological and socially healthier environment for development.

The parents' effort to rear their children is rewarded when the children grow up. And when the parents are old it is impossible to be forgotten – form the bunch of kids there is at least one or two who will always remember to hasten with assistance to their loving parents.

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