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St. Patrick's Day

Топик День Святого Патрика рассказывает интересную историю о возникновении государственного, культурного и религиозного праздника, который отмечается ежегодно 17 марта, в день смерти небесного покровителя Ирландии - Святого Патрика. О раннем периоде жизни Патрика сохранилось очень мало сведений. Точное время и место его рождения неизвестны, по-видимому, он родился в римской Британии. В возрасте 16-ти лет Патрик был похищен ирландскими разбойниками и доставлен в Ирландию в качестве раба. В детстве и юношестве он не знал истинного Бога, но за годы рабства обратился к нему и проводил дни и ночи в непрестанных молитвах. Впоследствии Патрик приобщается к церкви и становится епископом. Патрик прибывает в Ирландию в сане епископа и, по указанию явившегося ему ангела, развертывает активную деятельность по христианизации страны. С именем Св. Патрика связано много легенд и чудес. В ходе празднования устраиваются парады, музыкальные и пивные вечеринки, на которых принято носить зеленую одежду. Официальным символом праздника является Трилистник - изображение трехпластинчатого листа клевера, а также лепреконы и ирландские флаги.

Saint Patrick is one of the symbols of Ireland, in fact, he is considered the man who drew the country to Christianity. And he did it almost bloodless. The Irish began to celebrate the day of his death (March 17) as a national holiday since the X or XI century and during this time many legends and fables appeared and it's celebration became rather fun ritual. The man we know as St. Patrick was actually born not in Ireland but in Britain, his real name is Mevin Sukkat. He was not Irish but British. His father came from a rich Roman family. In his youth Mevin didn't show much interest in religion, but everything changed when he was 16. At this age, he was captured by Irish pirates and sent into slavery by the leader of one of the Irish clans. For six years Mevin was a shepherd, at this time he went to God and earnestly prayed day and night. According to legend God helped him to escape from captivity and return home.

Activities in Ireland

Mevin went to Gaul to learn there in the monasteries after his return. According to legend, while in Gaul he had a vision in which he was ordered to sail to Ireland, in order to turn its population to Christianity. In Gaul Mevin was ordained bishop and given the name Patritsius. Curiously, at that time in Ireland lived a number of Christians and they needed a management bishop. Originally St. Patrick was met not too welcome but further everything turned much better. The ability of St. Patrick to convince, knowledge of Irish traditions and language skills, played the great role in it.

Legends associated with the name of St. Patrick

There are several miracles connected with the name of St. Patrick. For example a man raised his sword, stood rooted to the spot until he became more friendly; the Easter fire that Patrick lit stayed on despite all efforts of the Druids. The exile of snakes from the territory of the island was a miracle too. Another legend associated with the symbol of this day - a shamrock, it is believed that Patrick used it to convey the people the essence of the Trinity: God is one in three persons as well as the three leaf clover growing on one stalk.

Leprechauns are the funny St. Patrick's Day companions. They are the small fairy creatures that sew shoes for other mythical creatures. Leprechauns conceal somewhere their pot with treasure. Someone who will catch them, leprechaun must tell where the treasure is stored. Indispensable action of this day is a street parade which is attended by orchestras and people in original and funny costumes. There is a tradition to paint ponds green in some American cities.

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