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В топике "Общество" автор описывает свои взгляды на общество. Проблемы нашего общества – это преступления, торговля наркотиками, алкогольная зависимость. Эти проблемы напрямую связаны с безработицей и бездомностью. Но с другой стороны, в нашем обществе есть и люди, стремящиеся улучшить наш мир. Каким будет наше общество в будущем, зависит только от нас.

I'd like to tell you a couple of things about our modern society.
In my opinion, the biggest problem we have is crime. For example, drug dealing. Nowadays, many young people are under the influence of drugs and it is sad. Drugs can lead to serious problems, such as poor health, loss of friends and family, and lasting legal problems. Alcohol is not gone very far away from drugs. It is also a huge problem. Unfortunately there are a lot of different problems with crime like burglary, mugging or shoplifting. Most of these problems come about because of the homeless. Despite the fact that we have many new and useful technologies, we still can't provide all people with jobs and housing.

But on the other hand, people in modern society have done a lot of good things. I'm talking about Art. Today, art continues to play a major role in society like it did in the past. Until now, art still spreads awareness as contemporary artists use different media in order to share to everyone their view of the world. Artworks are open to different interpretations by its viewers, and although their message appears vague, they remain able to communicate something to the audience.

In our society there are both good and bad aspects. Fortunately, there are people who want to make the world better. Such as Greenpeace, who protect our nature, or different charitable companies thathelp people with their problems.

Summing up all the above, I would like to say that only we can change our life for the better.

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