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Soap Operas

В топике Сериалы автор знакомит вас с двумя точками зрения ответа на вопрос: «а нужны ли вообще сериалы?» Кстати, ранее сериалы назывались «мыльными операми». Те, у кого есть свободное время, отлично проведут его за просмотром любимого сериала, но только не стоит становиться фанатом, который никак не может дождаться следующей серии. А впрочем, это ваш выбор.

Today soap operas are very popular, and many people find them enjoyable and realistic, but some people don't think so. Let's discuss this problem.

To begin with I would like to say that there are a lot of different opinions about soap operas. On the one hand, soap operas can help us to spend out time rather nice, because they are very interesting and true-to-life. Another good thing is that people can find a very close situations to their life in soap operas. There can be a situation, which was in the life of the watcher, so you can see different ways of its outcoming, what can be very useful. Moreover, soap operas wake feelings of people, they can make people sympathies and empathize heroes, they can make people more human.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of soap operas. For example soap operas can be unrealistic and they can be just a useless thing. Another one problem is a dependence on a soap opera. People just can't wait for the next series. Moreover, soap operas need a lot of free time, which people can spend for more useful things.

In conclusion I would like to say I don't think that soap operas are bad for people or that they do not need them at all. If the person wants to see it and he finds it enjoyable and realistic - it is his opinion and his choice.

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