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Science and technology

В топике Наука и технологии я рассказываю о большой роли научных достижений и новых технологий в жизни современного человека. Выдающихся изобретений много, например, телевидение и радио, но здесь я хочу рассказать о компьютере. Современный компьютер способен выполнять различные задачи, но работа на нем требует определенных навыков. Компьютер дает множество преимуществ пользователю и все их перечислить просто невозможно. Компьютеры установлены в банках, телефонных компаниях, метеорологических станциях, в полиции, в лабораториях ученых и врачебных кабинетах. Но у компьютеров есть и определенные недостатки: часто пользователи, особенно, дети и подростки, проводят слишком много времени у мониторов. Лично я использую свой компьютер для самообразования и досуга. Я знаю, что наука еще не ответила на все вопросы ученых, поэтому, став взрослым, я хотел бы сосредоточиться на проблеме, как продлить жизнь человека и сделать его счастливее.

We live in the fascinating and challenging world of science. It is a world that more and more over the ages, and especially in the 20th century has come to affect so much of our lives. It is involved with the way we travel, the homes we live in and the clothes we wear, how we become ill and how medicine can make us better, and has given us fantastic means of communicating and exploring.

The list of the inventions is rather long. We are on-lookers of great scientific achievements such as television and a computer. We can't imagine our life withought a notebook or a radio. I'd like to speak in details about computers.

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that stores information and allows changes in it through the use of instructions. A modern computer is capable of doing various tasks, like word processing and accounting. Personal computers are widely used but working on them requires some techniques.

A computer gives a lot of advantages to a user. The list of the advantages is rather long: computers give us access to the Internet - an international computer network. You can spread a lot of your free time surfing the Internet and get all sorts of information from it. You can enter the chat room with other Internet users and debate urgent problems on line. If you are connectable by e-mail, you can correspond with your own web page and place there information about yourself.

Today computers help people to do many things. Bankers use them to keep track of money. Telephone operators use them to put calls through. Without computers, weather forecasters would make more mistakes. Computers also help scientists to solve their problems. More than that computers help police to keep order in shops. Computers also help doctors to treat patients. Computers allow users to spend their free time and relax. But computers have some disadvantages. Computers can make people lazy. People waste their time when they play different games on a computer. People forget to go to the libraries, they often find information on the Internet. Wicked games can make people, especially children, aggressive and stupid.

But in my view they have more advantages, that disadvantages. It's an open secret that the computer is a source of education, entertainment and communication. And in my life the computer plays a very important role. It helps me to find information and relax.

Though scientists have achieved so much, scientific minds are still working at some urgent problems. I would like to mention some problems. One of them is finding and using alternative sources of energy. Scientists are also learning how to save and conserve energy. They have many problems with creating highly effective systems of communication. I can't but mention one of the main problems. It is development of life on the planet.

I'd like to focus on the problem how to make our life longer and happier. It's a well-known fact that nowadays people have a lot of artificial parts or implants inside them. There are some people who have problems with their health, especially with their hearts. And surgeons operate them on and put on implant inside them. Surgeons think that within 50 years one person in ten will have at least one artificial part inside.

Because science will be around us even more in the future, I think we-tomorrows adults must start learning today to be ready to take our places in this computerized, transistorized, antibiotic, nuclear and supersonic age!

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