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Rights and responsibilities

Ever since the beginning of modern society, crime and punishment have been linked together. Depend on the seriousness of the crime, those who break the laws are punished accordingly. The standard definition of crime, is any action that is prohibited, prosecuted, and punished by criminal law. Therefore, crime cannot exist without some form of legal system to label criminal behavior.

There are minor offences, like burglary or mugging. In spite of their minor importance, it cause depression. Just imagine a person whose things were stolen. Annoying and depressing feelings. Blackmail is a low-down action. It hurts and ruins. In some cases threats even more dangerous than actions. Moreover, there are dreaded offences, which punished severely. Kidnapping is a major offence. Just imagine the grief and sorrow of the parents whose baby was stolen and they will never see him or her again! The most terrible crime, inexcusable and unexplainable, cruel and unreasonable, is a murder, no doubt. Each case must be judged thoroughly and detailed. And the punishment in this case must be inevitable and timely.

Punishment are classified and grouped according to clauses and paragraphs. The severity of the crime and number of times the offender has been convicted of crimes generally dictate the form of punishment that the judge will sentence the convicted to. Alternative forms of punishments are tailored to the specific case and involve holding signs detailing the crime while standing in a conspicuous location, completing community service or participating in programs aimed at helping the convicted realize how their crime hurts themselves and society. These punishments are typically handed down to offenders committing misdemeanors and work as a deterrent to the community. Some individuals would argue these punishments focus more on humiliation of the criminal rather than punishment. Probation, parole, electronic monitoring and house arrest are restrictive forms of punishment typically handed out to criminals whose crimes were not severe. Probation and parole include restrictions on travel, work requirements and the offender must submit to routine check in and drug and alcohol testing. Rehabilitation is designed to help the prisoner gain a better understanding of how to function as a law abiding citizen while treating the underlying factor the caused the individual to commit the crime. Restitution includes paying fines, repairing damaged property or donating time to the community or victims that have been damaged as a result of the crime. These punishments are typically afforded to criminals whose crime did not have a specific victim. Incarceration includes jail for convicted criminals serving less than one year and prison systems for individuals serving more than one year consecutively for adults. Capital punishment is reserved for offenders the justice system does not feel could be rehabilitated nor punished effectively for their crimes and safeguards such as required appeals are included to eliminate unnecessary use of execution methods. The safeguards also ensure that the convicted is afforded every opportunity to avoid the execution and that the judge does not unduly deliver the sentence.

Speaking of capital punishment. The reason I am mostly opposed to capital punishment is because there is know way of knowing if every criminal put to death was actually guilty of the crime. If even one person were put to death under false accusation and/or improper utilization of the judicial system then our society should feel shamed.

Some people say that the death penalty is one of the most effective ways of crime prevention. As for me, I think that it is not the way out of problem.

Crime has existed in societies across the world since the term crime has been implemented. No doubt, experiencing the traumatic events of being victimized is something no one ever wants to experience. The saying prevention is better than cure is a way of saying that it is easier prevent crime than to treat it, but unfortunately it does not work everytime.

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