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My Visit to the Circus

В топике Мой визит в цирк я расскажу, как мы с мамой и братом ходили, во время школьных зимних каникул, в цирк, расположенный на проспекте Гагарина, в Харькове. Из этого топика вы узнаете, какие артисты принимали участие в представлении, что мы делали во время антракта и самое интересное: прочитаете о выступлении разных дрессированных животных. Мне очень понравилось посещение циркового представления.

I like to go to the circus very much. There is a very good circus in Kharkiv. It is situated in the centre of the city not far from Gagarin Avenue Underground Station. Last time my brother, my mother and I went to the circus during my winter holidays. First we went by underground to the Metro Station "Gagarin Avenue" and then we went to the circus on foot.

We left our coats in the cloak-room and then went to the hall. At the entrance we bought a programme of the show. Then we went and took our seats. Our seats were not far from the ring and we could see everything very well.

The first part of the performance was very interesting — we saw many circus performers: acrobats, rope walkers, jugglers and clowns. The clowns were very funny and everybody applauded them. During the performance the circus band was playing music all the time. The band was conducted by the band leader. Then came the interval. During the interval we went to the bar and bought ice-cream, cotton-candy and a bottle of Coca-Cola. In the second part there were wild animals. Most of all I liked tigers and lions. They were sitting in a large cage and performed various tricks. The animal trainer was very brave and spectators applauded a lot. There were also bears riding bicycles and dogs playing football.

After the performance we took our coats and went home. On the way home we discussed the performance and everything that we had seen in the circus. I liked the visit to the circus very much.

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