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My School

В топике Моя школа – я расскажу о своей школе, в которую я поступил в 1988 году и окончил совсем недавно. Я описываю наш школьный двор, здание школы и перечисляю классы и помещения, расположенные на каждом этаже. Мне приятно вспомнить мои любимые предметы и своих одноклассников, с которыми всегда были хорошие отношения, и мы много времени проводили вместе.

I had just left school and I would like to tell you a few words about it. I went to school in 1988. This school I studied in is a three stored building. When you enter the school yard you can see poplar trees and beautiful flowers. To the right of the school building there is a big playground. When the weather was fine we had our classes in physical training there. When you enter the school you come in to a large hall and a cloak-room, there we left our coats, rain-coats and jackets. On the ground floor there are also a school library and a gym. The class rooms, the assembly hall, the teachers room and the canteen are on the upper floors. On the walls of the corridors you can see the portraits of famous writers, poets, scientists and our school wall newspaper. It is done by the pupils of our school and has a lot of interesting things to read. I learned different subjects at school: Russian, English, maths, physics, chemistry, geography, history and some others.

My favorite subjects were Russian and English. I also liked literature. I was good at these subjects and usually got good marks in them. I worked hard at English lessons: read and translated texts, made up dialogues, did a lot of exercises, but best of all I liked different tests, I was fond of grammar. But I was poor in chemistry. I always failed to learn formulas and terms properly. I liked my class, everybody was so friendly, easy to get along with. I was on good terms with my classmates and we often spend our free time together.