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В топике Моя школа (4) я рассказываю о своем учебном расписании, о предметах, которые мы изучаем, и о своих любимых уроках английского языка. Мне очень нравятся каникулы, которые мы проводим трижды в год. В этом топике я подробно расскажу об оформлении нашей классной комнаты и о том, как обычно проходят наши уроки. Мне нравятся наши учителя, и мне нравится учиться, узнавая много нового об окружающем мире.

I'm Ann. I would like to tell you a few words about my school life. I go to school five days a week except Saturday and Sunday when I have deserved rest. Classes in our school start at 8 :30 o'clock in the morning and last till 15:00. Usually we have 6 or 7 lessons a day. We study a lot of different subjects: Russian, English, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math, etc. I like English most of all. I usually receive good marks in these subjects. My teachers and parents think that I feel an inclination to these subjects.

A school year is divided into four terms. It begins on the 1st of September known as the Day of knowledge and finishes in May. Each term is followed by holidays that last one week in autumn and spring and two weeks in winter.

Our school was built about ten years ago. Our classroom is on the second floor. Its windows face the school-yard. There are two large windows in our classroom; a great amount of flowers grow in pots that stand on the window-sills. It is pupils of our class who are responsible to water the flowers several times a week. And we all do it with great care and pleasure. On the walls of our classroom there are different colour maps and portraits, tables and wall newspapers. Every pupil has a record book where our teachers write down our marks and we write down home tasks.

Lessons usually take place in such a way that a teacher asks a question and the pupils who can give an answer raise their hands and the teacher calls out one of them to answer the question. Teachers often call pupils to the blackboard to do different exercises or to write some sentences from dictation. When they make a mistake, other pupil can be called out to correct a mistake or sometimes the teacher corrects it himself. After every lesson teachers give us home tasks both written and oral forms.

I like going to school because here I have many friends and wise teachers who can always give a piece of advice. And I like studying as well, it brings me a lot of pleasure and I like to learn new facts about the world.

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