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My phobia

В топике Моя фобия - я рассказываю, что такое наши страхи или фобии. Свои корни разные фобии человека берут из прошлого, из пугающих впечатлений и воспоминаний. Например, у меня был такой случай на озере, когда я чуть не утонул, и я стал бояться воды, это называется «аквафобия». Я считаю, что нам нужно своевременно избавляться от своих фобий, иначе они могут повлиять на будущее человека.

Phobia is a strong feeling of fear. In some case it becomes a psychologic illness. Mostly it is a result of a bad accident which left in our mind unpleasant impression and memories. When someone see the subject which reminds him this accident, he feels himself uncomfortable and desires to escape from that place.
For example, man who is afraid of darkness explains his scare by childhood memories. He had been locked in dark room as a punishment. This punishment and feeling himself sorry become a phobia. Children who never been surrounded by love and care of parents usually have low self-esteem. And they afraid of people and crowded places. This called social phobia.
Let me tell you about my phobia. Once as a child, our family went to a lake. It was a sunny, warm day. And the lake attracted us by shining surface. My elder brother suggested me to swim. He was good at swimming so he moved straight to deep side. I swam badly, but in order to show everyone by braveness I followed him. Suddenly I felt that my legs become so heavy and I weren`t able to move. I was in panic and started to shout, asked for help. My muscles were in awful spasms. Finally I feel unconscious as a result of great scare. When I opened my eyes I have been lying on sand and my brother has been provided me a first aid. This life experience taught me not to do something dangerous, which can be risky for life and be careful. This frightening memories become my phobia. Then I learned that this kind of phobia is called aqua phobia.
In conclusion I want to say everybody who suffering by phobia not to live with their past. We have to live by now thinking about our future and don`t allow your past control your present. As for me fear like chaining our hand and being obstacle in achieving goals in our life.

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