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My Khabarovsk

В топике Мой Хабаровск я расскажу о своем родном городе и, хотя сейчас я живу в Белогорске, я очень люблю Хабаровск – второй по величине город на Дальнем Востоке после Владивостока и один из крупнейших городов в России. Этот город - культурный и образовательный центр, в нем много театров, кинотеатров, музеев, институтов и университетов. Кроме того, это важный транспортный узел и крупный промышленный центр страны. Среди достопримечательностей могу назвать площадь Карла Маркса и городские парки Хабаровска. Я всегда скучаю по этому городу, ведь недаром говорят: «В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше».

"East or West, home is best." As for me I always remember this proverb when I have to leave my native city Khabarovsk. To tell the truth, I usually miss Khabarovsk greatly when I'm far from it because I love it with all my heart.
As you see, I consider Khabarovsk to be my native city, though I live in Belogorsk now. The fact is I was born there in 1995. More than that, I have lived there for 11 years. So I'm going to tell you about this wonderful and fascinating city.
According to the historical facts, Khabarovsk was founded in 1880. It was called in honour of the greatest Russian explorer Yerofei Khabarov. The city is located on the picturesque bank of the river Amur. The wide river Amur with sandy banks is stretching for many kilometers. It goes without saying - Khabarovsk is a fast-growing city. It's a regional center with the population of about 700,000 people. Today Khabarovsk is the second largest city in the Far East after Vladivostok and one of the largest cities in Russia. Besides, it is an important transport junction and a major industrial centre. There are several residential areas in our city. By the way, every district has schools, kindergartens, shops, everyday services.
It's obvious that Khabarovsk is a great cultural and educational centre. It is remarkable for its theatres, cinemas, museums, institutes and universities. As for higher educational establishments, you can train there medicine, careers of railway and building engineers, bank specialists, policemen and different specialists of culture. As far as theatres concern, their shows are always sold out for every performance. When I was a little child, my parents took me to the puppet theatre on days off. Later I became a visitor of the musical comedy theatre. Both theatres are situated in Karl Marks Street which is the main one in the city. I can't help mentioning that our musical comedy theatre is famous for its creations not only in Russia but in such countries as Korea, China and Japan.
No doubt, the most favourite place for the citizens is Karl Marks square which is the heart of the city. Most entertaining centres, supermarkets, banks, official establishments are located there. People are fond of spending their spare time in this square.
Among the entertaining centres that visitors can also see in Khabarovsk are city parks. Frankly speaking, they are my favourite places, particularly, for early morning walks in spring and summer. The fact is I'm an early-riser and I enjoy walking there about six o'clock in the morning. At times like that it's really hard to believe that you are in the heart of a big city.
In conclusion I'd like to say that Khabarovsk is the best city in the world for me. I advise you to visit this beautiful megapolis and enjoy its sightseeing. I'm sure you will be greatly impressed by it.

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