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My hobby - watching TV series

В топике Мое хобби - просмотр телевизионных сериалов я рассказываю о своем хобби: я люблю смотреть фильмы и сериалы. После долгого рабочего дня так приятно расслабиться за просмотром интересного фильма, забыть о своих проблемах и хорошо провести время. Хобби делает нашу жизнь более интересной и увлекательной.

A hobby is something you like doing in your free time. Usually people choose hobbies according to their interests. People are different so they have hobbies of various kinds. Some people are fond of collecting different things. Others like to draw pictures or they are fond of singing.

Hobby helps people to relax, to forget about their troubles and to have a good time.

My hobby is watching films or TV series. I really enjoy it, because it's one of the best ways of spending my free time, also it helps to relax, what is especially necessary after a long tiring day.

Hobbies make our life more exciting and engaging. Each person chooses his own way of spending time and, in any case, hobby should be a refreshment and a source of inspiration.

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