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My Favourite Holiday

В топике Мой любимый праздник – я расскажу о праздниках в нашей стране и о Новом годе – моем самом любимом празднике. Среди многих праздников (1 Мая, 8 Марта, День Независимости России, День Конституции России и многих других), больше всего я люблю Новый год, отмечаемый 31 декабря. Для меня этот праздник – долгожданный день чудес, приятных приготовлений, пожеланий счастья и удачи, подарков и ожидание того, что следующий год будет хорошим и счастливым, а все неприятности и разочарования останутся в прошлом.

Many great holidays and anniversaries are celebrated in our country. On the 1st of May there is May Day — the holiday of spring and labour. On the 8th of March there is Women's Day — the holiday of all women and girls. We celebrate Day of Independence of Russia on the 12th June and Day of Russian Constitution on the 12th of December. Now people celebrate some religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

But my favourite holiday is New Year's Day, of course. It is a really wonderful holiday. People get ready for this holiday long before it. They buy New Year trees and decorate them. Every year a fairy-tale comes to every house and every family on New Year's Eve. Children and even grown-ups wait for this day because they believe that all their wishes and desires come true and different wonderful miracles happen on that day.

On New Year' s Eve people get together to see "the old year out and the new year in". They eat tasty food, drink champagne, dance and have a good time together. They wish each other happiness and good luck in the new year and put the presents under the New Year tree. Children like this holiday very much. They wait for New Year presents, which, they believe, Father Frost bring to them. Everybody is merry on that day and wishes the next year to be good and happy and all one's troubles and disappointments to remain in the past.

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