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My diet

В топике Моя диета я рассказываю о своих предпочтениях в еде. Несмотря на то, что в нашей стране принято подавать на завтрак много высококалорийных блюд, обычно, я ограничиваюсь стаканом сока, чая, бутербродом или омлетом. В течение дня не часто удается нормально пообедать, поэтому для студентов, главный прием пищи – это ужин, состоящий из супа, второго блюда и десерта. В качестве закусок я предпочитаю разнообразные салаты, а после ужина – бокал хорошего вина. Я не фанат разнообразной выпечки, мне больше по вкусу острая мексиканская и пряная китайская кухни. Люблю острую пиццу, чили и суши. И всегда помню пословицу: «Мы едим, чтобы жить, а не живем, чтобы есть».

People in different countries have different ideas about what is good to eat and what is the best diet for them. So, we live in a country where breakfast is a very rich meal. We have not only roll with butter, jam of honey, but ham or sausage and fried eggs or porridge as well. Tea is taken at breakfast more often than coffee. Well, when I get up in the morning the only thing I can face is a glass of some juice or mineral water, it raises my spirits a bit. Then, several minutes later, I have my typical breakfast. A cup of tea with some sandwiches or scrambled eggs with milk.

Lunch is not very popular in our country but when we have some breaks at university called "windows" we have lunch in our university's canteen, but we have a bit of choice there.

The main and the most abundant meal of the day is dinner, but as we are students it's better to call it supper. A full typical dinner comprises soup, a main course and a dessert. My favourite soups are: red beet and mushroom soups. For the main course I typically have some meat or fish, potatoes and vegetables. The most typical meat is a pork or veal chops or chicken. Some other dishes served as appetizers for dinner or for supper are different kinds of salads. According to our tradition, good food should be accompanied by good drink. For dinner or supper people sometimes drink vodka, wine or beer. As for me sometimes I drink vine with my Mum after supper.

As for my eating and drinking habits, I can tell that I'm not into sweets and as most men think that chocolate is nothing else but a kind of sweets. I dislike any kinds of rolls, buns, cakes and pies. But I'm into hot Mexican and Chinese food, hot pizzas, chilly and sushi. On special occasions, my family goes out to eat in clubs and restaurants. I like trying cuisine of different countries. And while being in different countries I always trying their national cuisine. I don't think I'd like to eat this every day but it's really good for a change. In the end I should mention that we always should remember that we eat to live but not live to eat.

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