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My Breakfast

В топике Мой завтрак я расскажу, что обычно ем на завтрак. Я считаю, что завтрак очень важен, так как он заряжает энергией на весь день. Я предпочитаю на завтрак кашу или мюсли, или яйца, приготовленные разными способами. Батончики «Сникерс» или «Марс» можно съесть на бегу, если опаздываешь и не успел позавтракать.

It is not a secret that our meals influence much on our health and our mood. That's why I consider breakfast to be the most important meal in the day as it is the first our meal and it can put us in good spirits. Now I shall tell you about my breakfast.

In the morning I usually have porridge. I often start my breakfast with a cereal which is not cooked, it is something dry, ready to be eaten or muesli – some grain or porridge which is not cooked with dried fruit, nuts and so on.

I also like eggs (cooked in different ways). I don't practically eat butter, I prefer soft margarine – made of vegetable fat, which is not heavy and creamy. I don't eat jam at breakfast, I eat marmalade which is not sweet, there is slight bitterness; it's rather pleasant.

I usually don't have substantial breakfast on weekdays, I do it on weekends when I get up late. Very often I have just tea or coffee with sandwiches. Tea is usually taken by me with milk. I like very strong tea without sugar.

Sometimes when I am in hurry I don't have time to have proper breakfast and I go to the university being hungry. In such case I usually buy something like "Snickers" or "Mars" on my way to the Alma Mater.

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