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Топик Московские новости рассказывает об истории создания и развития знаменитой газеты «Московские новости» на английском и русском языках, известную каждому изучающему английский язык. Из этой газеты можно узнать обо всем, что происходит в России, Москве, других странах мира. В газете много интересных рубрик и рекламы.

"Moscow News" is a national weekly newspaper. The first issue of it came out in October 5, 1930.

Its circulation is about 50,000 copies. The newspaper is printed both in Russian and in English. It informs the readers of the life in our country, the most important events in foreign states.

On the first page you will find the major home news and some items of foreign news. The second and the third pages are taken by home affairs. On the fourth and the fifth pages there are reports from various countries on world news. On the last pages you will find the articles which are sometimes called features. The term "features" covers a wide range of subjects: review of books, criticisms on theatre, on music, art. films, television, articles on science, travel, sport events, etc. The newspaper is also full of advertisements.

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