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В топике Домашнее задание автор приводит аргументы «за и против» слишком больших по объему домашних заданий. Конечно, чем больше учиться и повторять материал, тем легче будет поступить в ВУЗ. Но, проводя много времени, выполняя домашнее задание, можно потерять в общении с друзьями, испортить зрение и т.п. Вывод: объем домашнего задания должен быть оптимальным, за что отвечают учителя школ.

When a person is small, he of course goes to school where people get knowledge which is useful for nowadays world. Some pupils claim, that homework which teachers give us is necessary while other argue that teachers give us lots of homework and we have no time to do it properly. Let`s look upon this problem objectively.
To begin with, teachers have to give students a lot of homework because there is a difference between the levels of school education and university entrance exams. They want the pupils to pass the university entrance exams well, so they have to catch up with the required knowledge. Moreover, students should do homework because following this way they revise the material and practice it at the same time. In addition, if you understand the home tasks you will be able to do the same tasks at school and get excellent mark.
In contrast to this, if you have loads of homework you will have no free time. Because of this, you feel lack of communication. As a result, you can spoil relationship with your friends. What is more, you can have problems with your health especially connected with eyes and back. Furthermore, you have to go to bed very late and as a result you can be aggressive and nervous.
To sum up, large homework has as many strong points as many weak points. To my mind, teachers should give us normal homework.

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